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  1. I recently ran a simple online background check on someone using 2 websites. Both sites showed 2 criminal cases but said the details of each case were unavailable. This young man is my daughter's new fiancé so I would like to know these details without involving him or my daughter. He was born in 1991 and I believe, based on the case numbers, that these incidents must have occurred within the past 10 years. The case numbers are 9402014CR 701083 and 0402013CR 700511. In the past I've run background checks on several people and have never seen this kind of result for criminal activity. I don't intend to ever say anything to him or to my daughter unless I find proof of serious or ongoing criminal activity. Why am I getting this result now and should I be concerned?
  2. A neighbor told me today that the elderly man who lives in the condo below mine has been telling my other neighbors and other residents of our condo community that I have orgies and that men are constantly coming in and out of my home to have sex. He also says these men urinate off my balcony, killing his plants below. None of this is true. I am a single mother with a teenage daughter. A few months ago the man who lives above me began to say somewhat inappropriate things to me when I happened to see him outside but not anything extreme enough that I wanted to confront him. I just began avoiding him. A lady who lives near me told me today that the man below me has been spouting this garbage to all our neighbors. I don't know him very well. I've lived here about 4 years & have had 3 boyfriends & 1 blind date, not that those facts really matter. The condo units are close together here and my youngest daughter lives with me. How do I make this man stop spreading lies about me?
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