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  1. In California can a Dismissal be Reversed? And how can you verify if the Records were recorded or processed correctly? My Son had several cases, that he had already served his time for, dismissed in May, 2017. Months later in December 2017, the County Sheriff stopped him on the street, insisted he was still on probation, and arrested him. Stating that his dismissal was reversed, because they found drugs on him, after being searched. Then additional charges for him having them in jail? When they should of had them all after the search in the first place. Anyway I don't understand why the Sheriff's did not see anything stating the fact of dismissal. Why it was not processed within the system as being dismissed? I can't afford anymore Attorneys. The State of California has Extorted all my assets within their court system over the years. w
  2. When your case has been dismissed; does that not also mean your off probation? And could you ask for a expungement at the same time? Then what would be your recourse if you were stopped, walking down the street, searched and arrested; stating to violate your probation? Maybe not recorded properly by clerk or court? Check with the D.A. on the paperwork for dismissal?
  3. December 16, 2014 Hello, This is a complex situation so I will try to be short and to the point. Starting from the beginning. In January 2013 My Son and his Girlfriend were in a car accident. GF(girlfriend) and my Son are both drunk. This is her second DUI (onarevokedlicence). GF puts my Son through the windshield of the vehicle. She is charged with GREAT BODILY INJURY. My Son Somehow Survives, is hospitalized for a week or more. Comes home with major road rash and recovery takes a additional month or more. My Son hires a local well known attorney. And settles out of court for a mere $15,000.00. My Son also talkes with the D.A. (District Attorney) about lessening her sentence, and does not press charges. Why because he has amneshia, that we are unaware of the impact. My Son has also had two previous head injuries from random acts of violence, He is within that age of 23-27 years old, here in the S.F.Bay Area, CA. He also goes out of his way to visit her in jail. Where she only served 3 months in Santa Rita. So Three months After she gets out of Santa Rita, she starts visiting over His house. And becomes pregnant. They move in with me the Mom during her pregnancy. Where I drive them around looking for a place to rent etc...My Son had returned to work in construction. And she is avid in her employment and gets jobs easily in her field. So the Baby is born in March 2014. He is adorable and looks just like our side of the family, the Dads. The minute she comes home from the hospital she is a B****. She complains about everything and nothing is good enough for her. At two months she leaves with the baby over to one of her relatives. She is gone for four months and my Son only gets limited visitations. That she intrudes on when given this limited time. She is very possessive of the baby. Yet she went back to work full time, when the baby was only three months old. She comes back to the place where they are both signed on the lease, her and my Son. This is in late September early October 2014. They became Registered Domestic Partners during the pregnancy, for insurance purposes. My Son was layed off work, so he and I took care of the Baby during the month of October 2014. This was the only bonding time we really were allowed to have with the child. It was wonderful, yet heartbreaking. The whole time she is not very easy to get along with. She has high expectations, and a b****y disposition, where nothing is good enough for her. She puts my Son down, and criticizes him constantly. Nagging constantly, she is never happy. She continues to provoke and instigate trouble. Leaving once again to Sacramento. A police report was filed in August 2014 for when she was attacking my Son punching him in the head. All of which my Son never presses charges. She now has asked him to get a psychological evaluation. Which my Son did. And he is declared sane. I never had a doubt he was not sane. But this is a unhealthy relationship. And he has yet to see the dynamics of it. And they both need to be in some sort of domestic violence prevention and victims of violent crime programs. To address the issues they have between them to be better parents to my GrandSon. So now that it is Christmas time, she has the baby in Sacramento, and will not tell us where. And will not let my Son or Me see or have the Baby? Of what I have read trying to appraise the situation, she is not qualified to receive full custody. Or have primary custody of the child, for having been prosecuted and found guilty of a violent crime of Great Bodily Injury, in the last five years. And it is a Felony to take a child and hide them from the other partent. Is that not abduction? She has also stolen the rent money, and his unemployment check. Also another Government Issued check even if electronically. It was going to his personnal bank account, not their joint bank account? I think my Son should get a restraining order on her, and file to end his domestic partnership. And file for joint custody of his child. If not press charges for abducting and keeping his child from him. The D.A. had said after the accident that he had five years to sue her if he changed his mind. And if there was any other problems to let them know. But now it seems irrelevent to the D.A. and I guess he has to re-open the case in order to do so. As well as when she tried to punch him. So because he did not press charges this does not violate her probation???Or because it is now in two seperate counties.? Alameda the accident. Conta Costa where he now lives and where she punched him in the head. We have two case numbers on file. Why is the D.A. and Victims of Crime Advocate not assisting my Son in any way. Because he did not press charges and they do not feel he is serious? I do not know??? But I am tired of this whole situation. And want to see my Grandson. What is the best thing for my Son to do. And what can I do, but try to assist and support as best I can. Believe it or not, I do try to stay out of it. But it keeps getting progressivly worse and worse. I have alot invested in my Son. And I cant let it turn into jail time or the psyche ward for my Son. Any and All suggestions and refferals are appreciated. As well as Facts and what course of action. Thank-You very much for taking the time to read and address. Happy Holidays !!!
  4. September 25, 2014 Hello, My Nephew, who is 12 years old, fell out the second story window at his apartments; where he lives; in San Jose, CA. He landed on his face and has several serious laceriations on his face; mainly his cheek and jaw, on the right side. Requiring immediate medical attention, and extensive stitches, and swelling, and brusing. A traumatic event for him. He had knocked the blinds from the window down and was attempting to hang them back up. I know this was not to smart of him, but at 12years old ? His Mother was present in the apartment at the time, but not the same room. My question would be if the Apartment Owner would be somewhat liable, depending on the type of window and building codes. As to what types of windows are required for residential apartment buildings. And if this would be necessary in achieving any compensation for such a injury. And if not, any references where they could get some help regarding the expense and long term effects, of this accident. Your time and opinion are appreciated. Thank-You
  5. On xmas eve. I was driving my 1985 BMW 528E; when suddenly the trunk exploded, and blew open. I pulled over and jumped out of the car. As I ran to rhe trunk the car was in flames! I barely escaped with my life ! The entire car was consumed in flames, burnt to a crisp; all but the engine ! The fire dept came and put it out. I had bought the car from a aquaintence, at a nearby tow yard..And was in the process of trying to get the car to pass smog; it had failed upon nmy initial effort. And unjfortunately I had only basic car insurance with no comprehensive coverage. So getting any money back from the insurance co, is not really an option. But I have contacted BMW of this matter and I am waiting for them to get back to me. After looking online I noticed that BMW's have had previous issues with the 5 series modelr, as well as recalls. Somewhat similar with fires starting near the trunk. My question would be what is BMW as the manufacturer, liable or responsible for ? Considering the year being a 1985 ? Still this seems to be a major safety issue as well as a danger to consumers and or the public !!! Regardless it was a very traumatic experience ! And I consider myself very fortunate to have escaped with my life, not suffering from life threatening injuries! I have taken pictures of what use to be my BMW; and am still storing it Although doing so is probably a environmental hazard in itself due to it being chared. Any information regarding consumer protection or public safety that wou be applicable is appreciated. As well as what would be expected from the manufacturer BMW. Thank You for your time in regards to this matter. Sincerely, Arn Anderson
  6. I have several traffic tickets all of that I failed to appear on. Resulting in my licence being suspended. I can not find all my tickets. Although I have gone to the DMV and received a print out for my Drivers Licence activity. And I do have some of the courtesy notices. I am hoping that the DMV will sign off some of these courtesy notices. Because most of these tickets are for registration and a glitch of a Lien Sale being required from the DMV. I feel this should not be a problem but is. So I no longer have the car tickets were issued from. It was old and no longer ran, so I junked it. I would like for my tickets and failure to appears on them dismissed. Or atleast lowered to a reasonable amount. For these traffic citations alone totals in the thousands of dollars. One has even gone from court colllections to the IRS? This is on a 1996 Saturn for pete sakes. Fines and Fees are very exorbant ? Ridiculious! I just want my licence back. In the past 20 years I have lost some 10 different cars for registration technicalities. That's alot of money. It has contributed to a state of oppression. I have been in the system for some 13 years now on and off. It would really help if I could just be left alone for a 1-5 year span, out of the court system, and maybe I could rise above and get on with my life. The state has made enough money off of me. And I am sick of going to court. I want to make a court date for night court. Can I ask to have all my traffic business consolidated at one court house for one court date. I tried homeless court but it is a 3 month process and I had trouble with connecting with phone calls and dates. I hope to be relieved from traffic court soon, without going to jail. Or being in collections for years. I am hoping what can not be dropped, taken care of with community service. Thank You for your help.
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