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  1. Hello again.. been out of touch. No electric.."Irene" In Pa., I have seen a lawyer (to the tune of $250.00), who verifies everything I have already learned, but he requires $2500.00 retainer before he will do anything! I cannot believe that the only way to see a will requires a lawyer! Please tell me what forms I must file in Pa. to the Register of Wills in order to force someone to produce the will. Also, where do I get the forms? Thank you for your help.
  2. In Pa., When the peronal rep. says that will leaves everything to him... doesn't he have to prove it? I could say I have the will and it says I am the sole beneficiary... how do you know for sure if it is not produced.?
  3. Thank you. That is my next step. you have been very helpful to me in understanding some of this. What a mess...
  4. In Pa. My mother did pass away before my grandparents. I have asked my brother, who says he has the will and that my grandfather left him everything,.. if i could see or get a copy. I was told "You have no rights to the will... your name is not on it" Do I have any rights? can he just take evrything and not even file the will? Thank you for your help
  5. After speaking with Pa. register of wills.. they say I need a lawyer to petition them to request someone to file a will,.. they cannot assist.
  6. i am sorry.. this is new for me, but now i get it ...thanks for the info.. will contact the register of wills
  7. In pennsylvania, do I need an attorney to ask the register of wills to order the custodian of the will to deposit it? [This post has been moved to the appropriate discussion. - Moderator]
  8. In Pennsylvania, how do I get a copy of a will that my brother says he has, but has not filed? Do I have any recourse? [This post has been moved to the appropriate discussion. - Moderator]
  9. In Pennsylvania, what type of evidence doI need to remove an executor?
  10. what type of evidence do I need to get an executor removed?
  11. In Pennsylvania, is the executor of a will allowed to remove items from the home of the deceased before the will has been filed?
  12. I live in Pennsylvania.. my grandparents both died this year, gram in june..Pap in August. I have been told there is a will of my grams, it was not ever filed. I have not seen it. I am now being told that my granfather left everything to my brother. I have not seen this will either. It has not been filed. How am i able to get a copy of the wills? [This post has been moved to the appropriate discussion. - Moderator]
  13. in the state of Pennsylvania, how long do we have to file a will? Is the executor responsible to notify anyone mentioned in the will?
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