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  1. I live in Hawaii. I was given a citation by an undercover officer during a liquor "sting". The person did not look under 21 yrs of age. I have been employed at this convenience store for over 7 years, don't have any "write ups" in my employement folder. I do not know what to expect in court. Any advise is greatly appreciated.
  2. I have been employed at my part-time workplace for 7 years. Recently (1 yr ago) an older (60ish) woman was hired, we are employed in a fasted paced convenience store, and she is slower than my grandma! During her probation/training period, she was told that she must keep up a very fast work pace. She said she understood this, but she continues to work at a slow pace. When she was asked to more faster, she started to fart and walk away from the other workers. Customers and other workers have complained to management and administration about this. A younger co-worker asked her if she was okay because she really "gasses" everyone out, and asked if its because she's older and/or medication she is taking. She filed a formal complaint with the administration stating age descrimination. Since then, management and administration does not want to discipline her for any reason, so she continues to just show up for work and do the bear mininum until it is time for her to go home. Is there any we as the co-workers can do? The air and environment working conditions are getting unbearable.
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