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  1. I live in the state of Florida My husband had a Will made while he was married to his first wife (she has passed away a number of years ago) It is the only Will we have found. Everything was left to her and their 3 sons. This Will was made in the state of North Carolina. We married in the state of Florida and lived here also. What rights do I have in the state of Florida? I have heard of Widows Rights, Doers Law and do not know what they are. Can you help me with this? Also his home in North Carolina was sold before he died, do I have any right to some of that money? He had a savings account that had his name and one of his sons name on it, the son took all the money? There was a checking account with his son, my husband and myself, the son also took this money? I am being told these things are outside of the estate. Thank you for your help.
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