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  1. I have a farm in Canton, North Carolina. 27816. I have problems with people trespass on my property and one break-in to my house. This is a second home and I am not at this property all the time. I have approached the Criminal magistrate office and they have really refused to give me any assistance with my problems. . I have approached them with my problems about three time and over a period of several months. I have talked with the District Attorney and he feels its only a "property Line Dispute" although some of my fences have been removed, trees cut down and damage to my Real Property. Finally, I was able to convenience the magistrate to issue a warrant, but no trial date was set at the time the warrant was issued. . I was never given a firm trial date and when the date of the trial was set I was not informed by the District Attorneys Office of that date.. Needless to say , since I was not informed of the trial date, I was not Present and the case was dismissed. I was never contacted at any time by the District Attorney Office of this dismissal. Later, when I contacted the Clerks office of Haywood County, NC and ask about the status of my criminal case, I was advised of the date of the trial and dismiss of the case, for my failure to show up even tho I was never notified of the date of the trial by the District Attorneys office. As soon as I found out about my case from the Clerks Office, I made a personal visit to the District Attorney office on the 3rd floor of the Court House, Unable to talk to the District Attorney, I discussed my problem with other personnel in his office . Several women in the District Attorneys Office agreed I was never .notified of the court date and agreed I could refile. Now they say I can not refile and I must employ an attorney . They will not deal with me. I need an atorney BS, ***.***.**** [This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information - Moderator]
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