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  1. Yes. The school's position is a guardian must live in the town or pay a tuition.
  2. Caregiver Authorization Mass General Laws Chapter 201F A Child living with their grandparents has been told that they can't attend the local public high school unless the grandparents are the Childs legal guardians or they agree to pay a tuition. As a Caregiver under Mass Chapter 201F, can the grandparents expect the child to be accepted into the local public school system?
  3. Childs grandparents have, at the bequest of the parents, agreed to allow the child to move in with them. The child needs to complete their final two years of public high school. The public school in the child’s new town accepts only students if a legal guardian reside in town. Can a relatively simple process be undertaken to resolve this problem? Walpole, Ma. Tom
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    Question, MA The victim of an assault/battery has chosen to not press charges in favor of acquiring a satisfactory restraining order. The victim fails to receive / extend a satisfactory restraining order, is he able to then press assault charges? Tom
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