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  1. It was a Repair Type warranty and was never used as vehicle was totaled. I am pretty sure the full $2200.00 that was refunded by the insurance company should be refunded to myself or the lender. Any help here, please.
  2. Texas I purchased a car from a dealer ship and was supposed to pay a down payment of $1000.00. I was not able to pay this amount which I told them I would not be able to pay until after my tax refund. I then prepared my 2010 Taxes and discovered that my Ex husband had used my son as a deductible so I would not be getting a refund. I also let them know this as soon as I knew. I had an accident in the vehicle 3 weeks after purchasing it and it was totaled. When the Warranty Company reimbursed the dealer ship for the Warranty the full amount of $2200.00 they only forwarded $1200.00 to my lender and kept $1000.00. Can they legally do this? Thanks, Zolea193 AG8ECH
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