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  1. Hi all, I am the Maintenance Supervisor for an infamous apt complex her in Texas. I started this deal with my landlord that i would work for her and her husband at 7.50/hr @ 42.5 hours is 318.75 and she would take out my rent each week 181.25 and I should get 137.50 cash. Well, that happened for a little while until they had to go work on the mall they own in Arkansas. then no work no money. I hurt my back working on a job for them, went to the ER and she advised me that i was fired and threatened to turn off my power. Nonetheless, since i haven't had a paycheck since Christmas, I found a second job, long story short, she fires me and tells me that i have two days to get out... Now then, this is a small piece of a big pie filled with corruption and deceit; therefore, can someone guide me in the right direction so that when i talk to an attorney here, I have a general idea of what my objectives are. I am however; contacting the Texas Tenants Advisor's Monday. Thank you and God Bless
  2. I received 3 day notice to vacate; answered with a request for an "Eviction Hold-Off Agreement" Water marked the original, and gave the manager a copy and requested that she mail and fax the regional director a copy as well. I never received an answer except for the service of eviction suite. I then went to the clerk and demanded a Jury trial. Now then, my 3 day notice to vacate has a different amount on it from the eviction suite. The 3 day notice claims that I owe 2518.61 and the eviction suite paperwork states that I owe only 1250.00. Is there a defense in this? Also these are section 8 apts. My trial is tomorrow at 14:00 hours. Finally, if I lose this, how much time do I get to vacate, or is that something that I can work out with the manager. Thank you htazman65
  3. Thank you FindLaw_AHK and pg1067; you both have always been extremely helpful to me as well as point me in the right direction. You see, I live in the house and it was supposed to be left to me when my mother goes to be with the Lord. However, her freind has convinced her to sell it; yet, I cannot seem to find any real estate agreement filed at the courthouse. This is the reason that I feel the that the parties involved are not doing business acording to the Texas Property Code. My mother's friend also presents himself as possessing a law license. I understand that you all can not offer advised; however, you guys are awesome and have blessed me with your wisdom. Thank you and God Bless! I wish that I was younger and I would attempt to get into law school - Thank God for our Constitution of the United States and our men and women that fight to uphold it! God Bless and thank you again! hgltazman65
  4. My mother's (83) male friend (57) has talked her in to selling her house to a person who buys houses for cash. Her male friend has ran through her money like hotcakes and they need money. What is the legal process of buying a house? In other words what is the first paper work that should be filed at the county clerks office.
  5. I purchased a vehicle from a young man and his wife in the Air Force who was stationed here in Texas. However, the vehicle was registered in Utah and they had lost the original title; therefore, they had to request a duplicate. In addition, the young man was also moving to his permanent duty station that was in Louisiana. Now then, my wife and I gave him and his wife the money to get the title sent to us in Texas. The transaction took place on 4/29/2012 (the Utah registration was good until 12/12; however, after obtaining insurance my wife went to the local vehicle registration to obtain a 30 - temporary tag until we received the title, which cost $25.00. The clerk at the licence and registration office advised her that, if need be, we could purchase 2 more temporary tags if the title did not come by the end of the original thirty day period. There was a mix up with the title arriving and we had to use a temporary tag that cost $25.00 Three times, which is a total of $75.00. When we finally received the title we went straight to the registration office and applied for title transfer and registration. We paid $550.00 for the vehicle. However, after paying $75.00 for temporary tags, the clerk charged us a $75.00 delinquent fee because we did not file for registration application when we bought the car. We advised her that we just received the title a few days earlier and you cannot register a vehicle without a title or a bill of sale. We had the bill of sale however, the first clerk that my wife spoke with advised her that she needed to have the title or a duplicate of the original title. Furthermore, when we were registering the vehicle the clerk advised us that the $25.00 for the temp. tags did not count for anything. We could have just waited for the title to get here and not wasted $75.00 because the Utah tags were good until 12/12. I have looked at the transportation codes and I cannot find them saying if you use the 3 temp tag privilege, we are going to fine you $75.00. The clerk treated my wife and I with complete disrespect and prejudice, I feel because the way that we were dressed. Yet we are both psychology majors and we were off that day!! Any information is helpful and a little knowledge is harmful; that is why I am asking for your input. I want to thank all of the professional administrators of this site that assist us. I have complete and utmost respect for the men and women that concur law school. I would love to go however, I would be almost 60 by the time I graduated. God Bless!
  6. Hello pg1067, This is in response to your response on my original post on the 25th. I apologize - I did not explain the location of the house I was speaking of. My mother (82) lives/owns a house in Dallas, Texas (her male friend stays in my old room their). I live in Wichita Falls, Texas in the house she owns. We had a verbal agreement that as long as my wife and I are in school and doing well, she would allow us to live in the house rent free. Her friend has talked her in to kicking us out on the street. For example, she told me yesterday that we needed to be out today. However, I requested that she give us time to find a job and she and I agreed that I would pay her $300.00/mth. I have contacted a few attorneys here in Wichita Falls, just waiting to hear back from them. I suppose the question that I have is what is the first step (what paper can I file) I need take to postpone any action and how can keep this friend of hers from the infliction of mental stress he continues to inflict on me and my wife. We have a law library that is five miles from my house that is free to the public. Or, are their any cases that I can research to find answers that relate to my situation.
  7. Hi Fallen and pg1067, Thank you so very much for your response, I have around 4 semesters of law courses, but as they say a little knowledge is harmful. Therefore, I wanted to seek assistance from people that possessed the knowledge, to point me in the right direction. One more issue, my mother is bed-ridden, and he is supposed to be taken care of her. However, he drinks every day to the point of intoxication; I understand that he has developed compassion fatigue and my wife and I have told my mother that we will go down there and assist him but he throws a spoiled baby brat fit each time we offer our assistance. I have already made an adult protective services report and they did not find any issues at that time however, that was the first day that she came home from the rehab center. Should I follow up with the same APS agent or request a new one?? Also, I have contacte legal aid of Wichita Falls and I am waiting to her from them. Please take time on Monday at 15:00 to say a prayer for our fallen veterans as well as our active duty personnel. Happy Memorial Day and God Bless!
  8. Hello, My mother and father bought a house in 1992 for me to live in and take care of. My father died May 25, 1998, and my mother assumed possession (tenancy by entirety). I have lived in the house since 1992 without a lease, rental agreement. 11 years ago my mom became involved with a much younger man; she is 82, he is 54. Foe the last 8 or 9 months he calls me and in threatening eviction because my wife and I are full time students and have been employed since we started school two and a half years ago. I am an only child and my mother has it in her will that I receive the house upon her death. He does not like me and has made several threats to cause me bodily harm. My mom is bed ridden and he will not allow me and my wife to see her and also records every phone call that I make to her. Ultimately, I just need direction where to start in order to protect myself from his threats of eviction. Happy Memorial Day!
  9. This may sound like a dumb question, please excuse my ignorance. However, what steps are involved in checking the land record for the deed to a property and what cost is involved? Thank you all and God Bless! terisman4e
  10. To FindLaw_AHK and Fallen, I am new to this site and still getting familiar with all the bells and whistles. However, I wanted to thank you all for your information! I will restate the issue/questions that I have in the proper language, using the correct vernacular - I apologize for the confusion. I will call my mother and ask her what my fathers will stated, and restructure my question. Thank you all again and God Bless!! terisman4e
  11. Hello, my name is ***** I will attempt to make this issue short and sweet. My father purchased property in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1992. exact date unknown - property paid in full. Father dies on May 25, 1998 - I believe there was a Joint Tenancy therefore, my mother (by operation of law) acquires property (I am their only child), should I (by operation of law) have rights in ownership as well? Now then, mother 82 years of age has male friend (for the past 12 years) that is 55 years old and claims that he is now the executor of her estate (I am the executor) contacts me via land-line and advises me that is recording our conversation. He then proceeds to advise me that since he is executor as well as power of attorney that he is going to evict me out of the house that my father bought and paid for because we have not paid rent (my mother and I made verbal agreement that she would allow me to live in house because I was continuing my education). Furthermore, he threatens me with criminal charges as well as bodily harm if I do not concede to his wishes. Question - what are my rights? 2. My mother suffered a massive stroke on April 5, 2011 and I believe (although I have no proof) he manipulated all events I am speaking of while her blood sugar was very low and she was in a state of confusion. He receives mail there and he has lived there on and off for the past 10 years or so and he threatened criminal charges if I show up at my own mothers house. Furthermore, he has made great strides in keeping my mothers brother and sister away from her. What can I do? Does he have the right to evict me out of the house my father purchased and that I have lived in since 1992? I am minoring in law however, I know that a little knowledge is harmful - can someone guide me in the right direction? God Bless! My State of residence is Wichita Falls, Texas 76310. ***** [This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information. -Moderator]
  12. My mother is 82 and she has a man-friend 54 that lives with her (squating rights), and has lived with her on and off for the past 11 years. For the past 11 years this man has continuously slandered my character and put a huge wedge in between my mother and I and I am her only child. She believes everything this man sais about me. I have a past; however, I am now a 3.5 GPA as an undergraduate pursuing a degree in clinical psychology. I have been nothing but good to this man, but he continues to defame my character; not just to my mother, but all of her side of the family. He is a licensed securities broker and he has illegally ran my wife's and all my children's and their mother's credit report without our knowledge and permission. I can prove all of this. Should I file petition for slander or do I have grounds? Thank You and God Bless
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