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  1. The state is California. The accident occurred in a residential neighborhood. A car was backing out of a driveway (it happened about 2:00 PM on a weekday, so only a few cars were parked on the street.) on a straight street there were no obstructions. No cars were coming either way. So the driver pulled out then put the car in drive and started going forward and was hit from behind on the drivers side. The car that hit him had his wheels were turned to the left at impact and continued at about a 45 degree angle went about 75feet over the sidewalk and went through a large camper / trailer that was parked at the side of a house went all the way through about 1/4 of the trailer and smashed the left side of a pick up truck that was parked next to the trailer. This was a pretty sturdy p/u truck it was a service truck for one of those rental places where you rent welders, generators, light stations, etc..., also knocked a hole in the garage, and did damage to a car parked at the curb in front of the trailer. The guy was speeding. He said he was only going 30mph but because of all the damage I think he was going alot faster. My question to you is who is at fault. The guy speeding or the guy pulling out of the driveway? I appreciate your opinion. Thank you.
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