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  1. State of Georgia Have tried local child support agency with no avail
  2. Statet of Georgia. I was reading on your website that driver's license, business license even fishing license can be suspended for non payment of child support. My question is can an individual report this matter to the proper agencies to get these licenses suspended or do you have to use the judicial system. Also, I live in a very political small town, my husband is suing me for divorce, we went to court 2 1/2 years ago and I was awarded physical custody, child support among other things. My husband has not honored the order on anything. His family is involved in politics in the state of Georgia. My attorney has filed willful contempt over a year ago and we still cannot get in the court room. His attorney is a state representative, due to his legislative duties he can never come to court when we have a court date. Is there anything I can do to get some resolution, my child is suffering more than I because we have to do without most of the time. We never have enough money to last a week because my job is cleaning houses and it does not pay well at all. Can someone please give me some substantial advice. Look forward to hearing from someone
  3. Georgia - Husband was ordered several things including paying child support and has done none of them. Contempt charges have been filed. Shouldn't he be in jail until he follows the court order?
  4. I live in Georgia and was wandering what the requirements for someone to be a probate judge. Also, I wanted to know if the Magistrate Judge sees you one day and the Probate Judge sees you the next, in a civil suit, can the same person be the Magistrate and Probate Judge like in my case.
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