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  1. I have not resolved this issue yet.
  2. What is the law in Georgia when it comes to failure to yield while making a left hand turn.
  3. I am living in the state of Georgia and was in a accident. What happened was another driver was making a left hand turn out of a gas station and he hit my car as I was driving and merging into a turn lane as I was coming up to an intersection. The other driver was ticketed for failure to yield the right of way. I was also ticked for crossing into a medium, My ticket was tossed out. The other driver did not show up to court was given a bench warrant which he paid along with the ticket he received. He was at my trial and at that time he was told by the court that he was at fault for the accident. The Insurance company still will not pay for the accident. I can not find the other person because he has moved. I am trying to take the insurance company to court for negligence because they knew from the police report and the trial notes from my trial that the person insured by them caused the accident. Are there any court cases that I can look up to help me with my case.
  4. I was fired for a company policy and was with the company for over two years with out any write-ups or other issues. There are two other employees that have violated company policy which also is a firing offence and they never were questioned about what they did. Do I have a case for unfair labor practices.
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