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  1. I was exiting a a horizontal parting space. I looked around to my right, as that was the direction I wanted to go and there was no car parked there which gave me an open view of any on-coming cars.. I then looked to my left and did not see any cars either. I proceeded to slowly reverse checking my rear mirrors and suddenly felt a hitting car. The car had come from my right side and was turning into a diagonal parking spot, which should have been entered from the opposite side (my left). There are scratches and paint damage on both cars, mine on the passenger side bumper and hers on the drivers side bumper. I told her I did not see her and she said, " she knew I had not seen her." If she knew I did not see her, did she not have the responsibility of stopping and honking her horn to let me know she was there? Also, she was entering the parking spot from the wrong entry. She is claiming it was my fault and wants me to pay $300, as "another man who hit her car and made a dent, gave her that amount. I did not make a dent, but both our cars were scratched. I will have an estimate done tomorrow on my car, and want to call her to tell her she should pay as I feel it was her fault. Should I get a lawyer? Thank you, Rostas
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