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  1. no i did not commit assault. I defended myself. I never laid my hands on him until he started shoving me. I then reciprocated in kind. And yes he is the owner of the company.
  2. On May 13, 2011 I returned to the shop and my boss was #### because he "read my mind" and said i didnt want to finish my last haul of the day. Where he got that idea from i do not know, since my wife had already picked up my check and told them to put the last haul of the day on next weeks check because it would have been too late when i returned to get the check with that load on it...Anyway he proceeded to scream, yell cuss and basically act like he was crazy. At one point we walked into the shop and i asked him what happened did he just want to take that load i was supposed to take and he ran around the truck and started screaming in my face and pushing me at that point i pushed him back and walked outside. He followed and we were both yelling at each other then he went back in the shop and grabbed a metal pipe and came at me with it...As he swung I grabbed the pipe and we both fell to the ground. He then tried to stab me with the pipe which resulted in a gash in my side. I havent been back to work since. I filed a report at the police station and have had issues with my lower back and still have the scar from the cut. Is there nothing I can do? I've tried to talk with an attorney but because i have no job i now have no income and no one will help me without upfront money. I'm in Tennessee
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