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  1. Missouri Resident: My wife divorced her previous husband and had a quit deed filed by ex-husband. Her father suggested she change the deed to the house and property, to joint tenants, not tenants in common, with right of survivorship, adding he and his wife to the deed. We lived in the home, then went out of state to pick up a conversion van, a gift. Also we were asked to attend my mother's 75th birthday. While we were out of state, I learned that her father, moved all of our belongings out of our home and into an old dog kennel. He then proceeded to rent our house to strangers. He also donated the contents of our chest freezer to my wife's ex. What can be done about this? Little Bird
  2. My sister-in-law was given a key,so she could feed the fish, downstairs and water plants on the back deck. I suffer from MS, as well as other health problems. I had some plants (4) in a locked and blocked, upstairs bathroom. My sister-in-law said she saw a half-smoked joint w/ a clip attached. True it was my medicine, but she had to search my stuff ton find it like under the ashtray. The old darlin's, informed on me and only ME. I have an atty. as I am charged with manufacturing a controlled substance, marijuana, a class B felony, 5-15 years.This cannot be RIGHT what they did!!! Little Bird
  3. Missouri : What crimes if any, can In-Laws be charged with for searching personal documents,property, domicile, etc..., while the owners were out of state? If there is any legal recourse available to me, please tell me. Thank you in advance, Zoomdisc52 Little Bird
  4. Since the prosecutor has determined, filing charges is negotiable and has this option. What recourse, if any, do I have?
  5. Missouri resident. Informants testify at deposition to disassembling door knob to gain entry into a blocked, locked room. The county prosecutor refused to file charges against them. Only I have charges filed on me due to the informants acts. Is this legal for prosecutor not charge any of the witnesses entering that lockedroom? Please help me to understand !!!
  6. Missouri My in-laws called my spouse , stating they had read in the newspaper, that I had been arrested for manufacturing a controlled substance (Marijuana), I use as well as, Methadone 10mg HCL Tablets, for pain as a result of arthritis, degenerative disc disease and MS. The newspaper printed a story that i was arrested for a marijuana grow in my home and taken to the county jail under $300,000.00 bond, quoted by the officer that was in charge of the Narcotics Unit. I have never been arrested by the Sheriff's department, this story is not True. My spouse is a self employed Massage Therapist in the same town. As a result of this erroneous article, my spouses practice has been destroyed as well as MY OWN reputation. Have any of my rights been violated? I ask what should I do to resolve this?
  7. In Missouri... I have never been arrested in the state of Missouri, but a felony warrant was issued for my arrest in July 2010 and has not been served on me. I found out that I am scheduled to appear at a arraignment hearing, June 15, 2011, before the same Associate Circuit Judge that issued the felony warrant. This criminal procedure seems very odd and I am feeling this is maybe a "Kangaroo" Court preceeding. Will you please try to help me understand WHAT is going on ! Sincerely, Zoomdisc52
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