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  1. My apologies to all, for the abrupt wording of my post. Emotions can run high when dealing with issues concerning housing/property. It was remiss of me not to give you all, my sincere regards and thanks for reading about my problem. Please forgive my error. I tried to go back into my initial post and edit, however that did not seem to be an option. In lew of that I am writing here. This concern did keep me up late.

    Thank you, very much.

  2. Tenant rents under Section 8 HUD Program. Inspection of home for safety, and standards happens once every year via HUD. Track record for tenant has been good for the past few years, with nothing to indicate otherwise. As an out of state landlord, I made a request last year to do an additional inspection myself when I happened to fly into town. The tenant canceled that appointment and I was unable to see the interior of the house. This time round I made a mistake in the appointment time, and did not get to view house because the tenant had waited for me during the appointed time frame, but I had the time wrong and the tenant left after waiting an extra fifteen minutes for me to show up. I of course did not like this happening, and I am concerned about my property, and My feeling is something is wrong, and now I do not trust the tenant. During this whole time I have been an out of state landlord. I originally had a friend on call, to fill in the discription for a in state representative. but I have not had a designated property manager to take care of any of the needs that may have arisen. On the good side, the tenant to date has been agreeable to doing small repairs, and is not a nusence to anyone. My gut feeling is the tenant may feel excessively intruded upon, and has maybe taken offense at my harsh remarks about the situation. There is a valid lease in place. My thoughts are that I could let the lease run it's course for the next three months, or I can bring cause to evict. Or I can gain entry and charge the tenant, for anything I feel they are responsible for doing to my rental.
  3. Hello, My question concerns the timeline for notification of assignment involving real property. Business #1. Left town,in one day closed the store,and let go of their employees w/o notice. I was a customer with a contract to rent to own. I did not receive any call,or letter telling me of any change. When I called their corperate office which is located in another state they said their company is no longer doing business here.They also said that if I needed service on anything purchased from them, they did not know of any recourse. One month later, I am contacted by business #2. A person states that she is a former employee of business #1. Pay me the payment you owe business #1. We bought them out so you owe us. My response was I am not sure what is going on, but where is my notice of assignment. To date I have been called and I have asked about the assignment issue, with no answer from them, except to believe them and pay up. In the interim between Jan.to May 2016, I sent a letter disputing that I owe business #2. For the account with business #1. To which they sent a request to make payment. I have been a costumer of business #2. For thirteen years and had a good business relationship with them. About a month ago I entered into a new contract with them fortwo items, iten one I took delivery of on that date, the second item, a stove was supposed to be delivered on the next Weds. after I signed the contract. The stove was not delivered because one of the employees said wait a minute, you should never have been allowed to rent from us because you have an outstanding balance from us buying your contract from business #1. My position is I have a valid contract for the two items from business #2. I have made all my payments on time, I am in possession of one item and they should have delivered the stove in a timely manner since I am paying each week for it. Business #2. Said over the phone yesterday that they are not going to take anymore payments from me, and I will have to return the item I have in my possession. I read my signed contract with business #2, and the contract can only be breached if I fail to make payment. Trying to get a higher up manager to speak with was not possible they said, so I am going with a witness today to try to make an in store payment on my account. Please explain the right way assignment should go, and what I might do to correct this issue. For research I did check with the licensing entity for businesses in my state, on the trasferable assignment issue. They said that business #1. Is listed as a off shore company. I don't know how this affects this issue, but they also said the business #1. Had done their tax payment in Feb.2016. These issues are complex to me, but as a consumer it feels like I am trying to get these businesses to practice good customer polices and they are opposed to it. I can go to small claims court over the breach of contract, but I will still need to know rules on assignment for real property. Your thoughts on these issues are appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Thank you, to everyone who posted in reply. Your advice is well taken. I will follow the suggestions. The mistake in the date,was due to my brain overload during finals. Point well taken. I will make the necessary phone calls. HawaiiLawFan
  5. Hello, My question concerns what is assignable when a company goes out of business, and another person, or business jumps in to say that they are the new entity, and the collector for consumer accounts made with the original business. I want to protect myself from any scam. I am a consumer, who entered into a small lease agreement of under $ 2,000. on or about Nov. 26th 2016. This was with a Hawaii branch of a company, who has their main corporate office in TX. I had done business with this same company twice before, and I was aware that this company had downsized their stores during 2014-2015, but there was not any information given to customers on a possible change of ownership. Every thing was going well until this month Feb.1st 2016, when I received a call from someone who told me they now have my account, and are collecting for the other business. They wanted me to pay by phone for my monthly payment. This call took me by surprise, and I have not made any payment over the phone to date. After all, I thought it could be anyone asking for payment; but would the payment be going towards my payment balance, or into someone pockets.The payments in question add up to less then $2,000. total, and had I been working with the original business the total would have been spread over the next 12 months. To date, other then getting phone calls from these different people who say I owe them the money, because the other business is no longer in town; I have not received any correspondence in writing, that would substantiate a company taking over the first one, nor any letter detailing what my rights are. The only document I have, is the original contract from the closed store, which has an agreement to arbitration clause. Should I insist on arbitration, or ask for some other type of clarification? I would think that the parent company of the one I signed with which is in TX. would be interested in a smooth transition, and not leave their loyal customers up in the air with no communication. I would appreciate, any response which could assist me for a positive outcome. Sincerely, HawaiiLawFan
  6. My question concerns the possible ramifications caused by displaying a disability parking placard vs. A disability license plate. The first can be taken off and put on as needed from the auto's mirror, vs. A permanate designation of disability, on the rear license plate. There are pro's and con's as far as cost, however what I would appreciate is your thoughts on what might be made of this disability disclosure in case of an accident. My thoughts are; a case could be made that the driver has a disability and therefor is suspect for causation of the accident. Also is there higher insurence rates that could be associated with DMV seeing plates issued. Thanks for taking my question underconsideration. Signed, HawaiiLawFan.
  7. Seventeen year old male. Working at a non-profit, funded under several state, and federal programs. No history of disrespect, infact he had received award for his good conduct for the last work phase completed in may 2011. Last Tues. this young man found himself invited to main office; infact pulled from his work site, and driven to town being told there was a critical issue to be discussed. He sat in the office hallway for period of time. An older man age aprox. 30 yrs. was first in office for questioning. this individual walked out of office. Youth walked into office was told he was suspected of buying narcotics from the older man, at which point he was told he had two choices to select from. Take one of the four urine collection kits to test his urine, or resign from the program. The youth gave a verbally resigned that day, not knowing what else he could do, and being very confused by the situation with three adults demanding these terms. Facts are as follows: Program states 0 tolerance for any substance abuse. But does not state what protocol will dictate, on suspected use of any substance. To date, parent of said minor has not been informed of anything, nor contacted by program. Youth is willing to take test by a qualified lab to clear himself. No telling what could have happened if he had given a sample; with no chain of official record keeping of sample. To my knowledge strict guidelines must be followed for this. The 30 yr old. gave his resignation from the program as a farm worker employed by the organization. that man's parents are also employed by the same agency. Resolution desired is to get youth reinstated in best way possible for his good standing and related job opportunities, including has pay, and collage stipend from Americorps. Any advice? Thank you & Aloha
  8. In state of HI. removal proceedings/individual hearing set for one month away. To help client, overcome two main points for denial of joint Petioion to Remove Conditions on Residence (Form I-751). Two main items to win case. Wife of client was greatly impacted by false alligaions of husband's relatives. he was sending money to another women in his country, had some criminal record in his country for sexual miscounduct while on the police force in Tonga, and he verbally treatended her on one occasion. Since date of wife's sending of letter to immaration, no facts on alligations are provable. Wife is still with husband. Lots of documentaion that marrige was entered on in good faith. No marrige fraud. Wife will state on record at court hearing, that she was swayed by negitive comments made from his relitives, and accordingly was upset enough to send in letter. Aloha, any thoughts on case you can give would be great! Applicable Law And Discussion Title 8, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 103.2((8). And 8CFR 103.2((13).
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