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  1. I have a brother in Truman Minn. And a social worker and A nurse that has been hired to care for his wound,is trying to get a DPA with them as his guardian. I spoke to both the ss worker and so did my brother stateing that myself and another sister in CO. and I in NV. are going to take that responseabilty for my brother tell his wound care isn't necessary any longer. But both of the medical personal which consist of 2 have taken it upon themselves to take Keiths right to have us involved away from him. They even would not tell us where they were sending him for follow up care. I am very angry about this and want to sue them for what ever I can for taking K** rights away from without a hearing of any kind and not keeping his family informed on purpose. Can I sue them for medical negligence and kidnapping of a patience with out his consent. Me ** L** [This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information. -Moderator]
  2. A 15 year old girl was called to the principals office because a complaint was made against her. The accusation was the 15 year old had majauana.The student making this charge is also 15. My question is what is the legal way the principal is under law to handle this. the fifteen year old was kept and held in her office and interrogated for two and a half hours against her will prior to allowing her to spreak to an officer or her parents. Was the students rights violated and discriminated upon in this process. And to top it off if is a case she said he said.the girl also was told my her principal that in her office she is the law and she makes all the-laws they kicked her out of school and is telling the family there will be felony charges brought against her. And the girl still has not been given any legal representation as of yet. and there is more but I want to know if the school is breading laws left and right. and what should we do about this. A 15 year old with a felony on her record is quite bleak for her future.. What can i do? Thes toke place in Hood River Oregon.
  3. a witness is said to say I did not have my lights on. The driver of the car I hit did not say my lights were off. I do have proof my lights were on but how am I to handle witnesses that say they believe what they believe right or wrong. This occurred in Henderson NV. 89074
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