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  1. I'm not sure what statute it was. I was charged with "indecent exposure." The police found out because of her brother was there and he told his mother. I was convicted in May 2009. The daughter came over to visit me one day while I was outside watering our yard. She had asked if I was going to keep living with my friend or if I was going to get my own place. I told her I was going to get my own place. She asked me if she would be able to visit me because she was my friend. I told her I didn't know because it would be a nudist household. She smiled and walked off. I been practicing nonsexual nude recreation since I was about 13 and since I knew she went through her place naked and she knew I like being naked, I didn't see the harm. I emailed the Naturist Action Committee about this and the Chair of the Board himself emailed me back and said I have a possible lawsuit.
  2. Age and gender don't play a role otherwise Missouri wouldn't have family friendly nudist campgrounds, like Show Me Acres http://www.aanrmidwest.com/showme/ ; The only difference between us hanging out naked in her place vs a nudist campground is it was behind closed doors in her place which is legal.
  3. I live in Missouri and in 2008 I was arrested for hanging out in the nude with my neighbor's daughter who was also nude at the time, in her home behind closed doors; which is perfectly legal as supported by the Missouri Law and the 9th Amendment. We both told the court nothing happened between us sexually and we were just having fun like nudists do and I was still sentenced as a "sex offender." My neighbor told me her daughter walked around naked at home all the time and the daughter knew I did as well and we didn't see any harm in it. Can anything be done about it? I contacted the Naturist Action Committee (advocacy group for Nudists and Naturists) and the Chair of the Board contacted me and said I have a chance of going to court but I need to find an attorney who can help me.
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