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  1. This is all pertaining to the same case. He received deferred adjudication for POS when he was 18 and revoked probation twice. Spent time in county a couple of times due to not keeping logs, etc. , we need to go back and get credit for that time. There is supposedly this form we can fill out and submit, we have had to pay almost $20k in atty fee's i am hoping i dont have to retain atty for just this. pleaes help.
  2. Texas. I am trying to find a form that I can send to my son. He is trying to get credit for time he has previously served to apply to this sentence. I am very hopeful someone will guide me to a link that works. Please? He is in TDCJ. the form should be called something similar to: motion for credit for time served. Anyone know anything? Much appreciation.
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