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  1. It was a written contract between father and son that was notarized but not filed within the court (a fictitious lien on a house).
  2. Is it possible to have more than 1 (up to 3) powers of attorney too for non-deceased parent?
  3. To make a lien legal is there a time-frame that it has to be filed with the county or state (PA) to be legal?
  4. What is the procedure for transferring a business in the State of PA from a will? How long will it take to be legally transferred?
  5. If a document was signed and notarized on a specific date and the notary's commission was current at that time but now that notary's commission has expired and the document was not yet filed with the courts do I need to get it re-notarized before submitting to the courts?
  6. Is it possible to have more than one executor/executrix named (up to 3) who all work together jointly? In the state of Pennsylvania?
  7. We have found that my mom was renounced as poa .. she is hurt and angry. Is there a way to revoke my brother's power and get it back to my mom (and get her stuff back)? We (mom & I) do have an appt with attorney on Monday but are hoping to get some advance information. Thanks.
  8. what was the violation? answer: The violation is my brother scammed my mom. He got her 2 sign a piece of paper, I believe he got my sister 2 notarize the paper without my moms knowledge. She didn't know she was denouncing her right as an executrix. He went 2 the reg.of wills where he obtained a short certificate. He also went to and through the safe deposit box without an officer present.
  9. Thanks to all of you. Your information was helpful. My mother and I are doing what we need to do.
  10. by violations I meant how do i report misconduct by my siblings regarding will/probate/estate?
  11. Who would I report a violation to? the state of PA or the County Courthouse? and how would I legally go about doing so?
  12. Do I, as a son, have the right to view my fathers will? My mother has not even seen it yet...
  13. In answer to your question, some assets were jointly and some not jointly.
  14. Wouldn't my mother be aware/involved if the estate went into probate? I'm concerned that things are being done without my mothers knowledge.
  15. State of PA - My father recently passed away and my mother is still alive. By rights my mother is now the owner of all assets that were my fathers. My mother is of sane state of mind, but my siblings are trying to say she is incompetent. Would they be able to get a short certificate to take over her assets without her knowledge of them doing so?
  16. Harrylime don't you have a response to my last comment? please?
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