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  1. When you file for Unemployment they require you to file a resume online. So of course I am going to post one for my latest and highest grossing job. I dont understand how you can be sued for "stealing" customers if there is no contract with the company and if the customers contact you. Phone co.'s call you to get you to switch.
  2. Is a non compete agreement still valid even in the event that the employee is fired? Michigan
  3. I live in Michigan and last week i was fired. My former employer just informed me tht on my final check she is not paying me for my 9 days of vacation. Is this correct? She doesnt have to pay me for them?
  4. Thank-you and i kinda thought that way as well. Thanx as well for the unemployment comment, you've given me some hope.
  5. Portage, Michigan.....Hi! On 42911 I was attacked by an employee in our office pkglot. To make a long story short, I did nothing unprofessional which is what the attacker is using as her excuse. There is a police report and charges being filed against her. I ended up going to the hospital because my figer swelled up like a sausage. On 50111 i received a message from my employer to come to the office for a mtg. As was with the attack I had not a clue about what was to happen. My employers told me they were firing me and when I asked why???????????? They kinda kept skirting around the issue. I said please just give me a reason and they made a couple statements about me being demeaning and too hardhanded with the employees oh and i was racist. To say the least I was completely blown away. When They promoted me to mgr I made absolutely sure that we were all on the same page as to what they were expecting and I upheld my end of the deal. My husbands company HR person said that she thought I had a case for wrongful termination. Just trying to get some info. Oh and they told me they had fired the employee who attacked me, however, I suspect that that isnt true after something I saw posted on facebook. I believe that since my attacker is responsible for 40 houses{cleaning} that the employer would lose a whole lotta revenue in firing her. As a salaried mgr I am expendable.
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