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  1. Fallen, THANKS You are right! I was worried about my daughter being sued. Your answer makes me feel better.
  2. The car has no resale value and the insurance companies, first Geico then Metropolitian both told her not to get collision. The car cost her less than $500 and it is worth less than that before the accident. It is a 1997 Honda Civic. Thank you for taking the time to answer.
  3. Ft. Myers, Fl is the state I reside in and where the accident happened. I was stopped at a stop sign looked both ways then slowly entered the intersection.(Grand St going north) A car came (Edison ave going west)down and hit me. The other car had the right of way and was not visible before I entered the intersection. There is a tree by the stop sign and numerous accidents have happened at that intersection. No one was hurt. I was driving my daughter's car and she does not have collision insurance. The other driver was driving her sister's car has a suspended license, has done time in jail and is on probation. She also received a citation at the accident site. ( I am in Ft. Myers, Fl) What will happen?
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