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  1. Thank you tax_counsel and pg1067 for your patient and helpful explanations. I have now a somewhat better idea of those things and how it likely will happen then if the day should arise and the kids are still minors then. Might have to consult later on then with an estate lawyer to make sure all things will done in a proper and accurate manner, as I don't really know to what extend those debts run. But that's to be seen then. Again, thank you for your time.
  2. It won't be a problem that the kids evtl. would still be minors? I don't wish for that to become a reality, but it's still a possibility. Hence my confusion as how all of that would have to fall in place, particularly then with the property mortgage etc.
  3. Hello everyone, I am wondering where to find some information about a possible scenario still to come: My ex husband is the father of my two children, who're 13&15 yrs old right now. I know that my ex husband owes federal taxes and federal student loans, but also owns residential property, where we all are living on (it's a 5 ac property with a few homes on it), and there's still a substantial amount left on the mortgage to be paid. So if he passes away (he's 66 yrs old with a somewhat ill health), while the children are still minors and he didn't write any will as to who should inherit what, how are the chances that they children still get to keep the residential property rights and the rights to keep occupying it as their primary homestead, while their father still owed to the government? Will there be someone appointed to act on behalf of the children's inherited interest of the property by the state, or would the federal debt of the deceased then applied on the residential homestead by way of liens? And how would in the usual case the issue of the mortgage balance be handled? Would the property have to get foreclosed, as the children are minors? There are no liquid assets otherwise, there's no savings accounts, no life insurance policy, and no other than ordinary checking account balances. Trying to get an idea what might be ahead of us if his health is going downhill or disaster strikes....just to be prepared.... hope my question makes sense and that I posted in the right category. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for anyone reading this. I was able to get the answer by talking directly to a Medicaid enrollment specialist. a) the stepmother did NOT become a legal parent, as per any information available to me or the Medicaid specialist whenever a minor is living in the household of someone, regardless as to their relationship to the minor, they CAN apply on the minors behalf to receive the benefit, given the condition that there are no other relatives claiming their responsibility to provide the benefit,meaning, even if the child would live with the neighbors, but living in their household, regardless of the biological ability to provide different health care, the neighbor can apply and become the case manager for the minor under his case. c) ex is as usually trying to serve me any nonsense again saying that I am committing fraud when I applied for my sons's medicaid, because he's the legal possessor and custodian BECAUSE the child IS living in my household, and therefore that makes me have physical possession over the child, as also already declared through affidavit with the Attorney General's Office, that it entitles me to apply and manage his Medicaid case under my benefits case. Phew, I think I deserve my coffee this morning!
  5. I am, as ususal when I seek help here, pretty confused about some things and hope someone can help me out with an explanation so I can understand. Background: Me (bio mom) and ex (bio dad) got divorced in 2013, while I was still out of country. Due to that, ex was given sole conservatorship and possesion of the child who at that time had already returned here to the USA. Ex married a new wife. Due to her termnal illness, all three of them did apply for Medicaid, meaning ex (who already was on SSD and covered under MediCare), and then she for herself and the child. Ex was denied, as he was already having the Medicare, and she was approved and had our son under her case. Now, I am confused how a third person, who is not related to the child, and who didn't had any legal guardianship or adoption for the child, would be considered as 'the legal parent', and therewith was entitled to get him under her name onto Medicaid. The entire issue now just came up in a discussion (plus a very nasty argument with my ex), because his new wife had passed away in 2014, and he wasn't allowed to continue the medicaid case as authorized person for the original case applicant (his new wife), because of her being deceased and therefore his authorization to act upon her behalf has seized. So I went ahead and applied for my child for Medicaid. However, due to the fact that we are legally divorced, and he is still the sole conservator, even the child is living in my household (however, as well on the same property as my ex lives NOW), medicaid asked me to sign an affidavit of possession with the Attorney Generals office. Ex is now claiming that I am committing fraud by having provided the necessary medical coverage (as i had as well been ordered to be responsible for through court order), meaning that I shouldn't have had the legal right to apply for the child's medicaid. So, in the end, i guess my question is if the stepmother had any legal claim or right to apply for Medicaid, and how that would have made her a legal parent to my son? And how can it be said that I should not have the duty to do so, if I can't afford other health care for him, when I was ordered in the divorce to be responsible for his healthcare? Is there any fraudulent action on any side??? Thank you and hope someone is able to understand what I am trying to figure out.
  6. Partially right because your assumption was just partially correct, and hence I did provide further clarifying information. Maybe here in the USA the word peddling has a different meaning than what I was meaning with it, I believe you use here the word commuting, for people who frequently change the place of residence in regards to distance to work/school. My sincere apology for having English as second language and not being perfect at always choosing the right words. I'd not even been involved in the school enrollment process. The boy was since years on a waiting list, which came through on short notice last year. At the time my ex applied for the child to attend, I wasn't even in the country, hence not had a chance to provide the school with the divorce decree. However, still running in circles, Harris County says no, because childs school is in Ft. Bend County. Ft. Bend county said it's not a public school district school, at it's a labeled as 'public charter school', and therefore not attached to the public school districts in Ft. Bend county. But someone must be responsible to uphold school attendance for such matters, and should be possible to be contacted. Just still running to find out. As private person, I should be allowed to make my own assumptions and voice my opinion about someone outside of a court room, as long as it's not slandering, offensive or with criminal intent (ie. threatening). And my opinion is that he should have never been awarded custody due to numerous reasons, one including that he isn't acting in the best interest for the child and his welfare.
  7. Partially right. Sure the child has no ability to get there on his own, covering the roughly 35 miles distance of home and school. But at the time of admission they were living in SE Houston, roughly 5 miles from school, and have been peddling daily since the academic year started all the way down there, and after school back up here. Even though I stressed multiple times that this is an multi strain on everything, vehicle, finances, time and the child as well, father hasn't been willing to consider public school at all, due to whatever crazy reasons. And since his altercation with him on Sunday, where he ended up calling the sheriff on his own child, just because he could and to make a point (end result was anyway: dude, step up your parenting skills and leave the police out of your pity arguments), and since been 'punishing' the boy by not taking him to school anymore. The child's grades are already in dire jeopardy due to the constant absences (which his father always nicely excused with a load of false statements). This really need to stop, as he is ruining the child's future with this BS. I've tried contacting the school, but since I am not listed on the enrollment documents, they don't even talk to me, even though the divorce decree clearly states that I must be allowed to have access to all school grades, attendance and activities, if I request those. Contacted Ft. Bend County Truancy court, and they said that school, even though a 'public charter school' isn't part of the school district, and hence they're not going to be responsible. Harris County refused responsibility as well, as the school is located in the vicinity of Ft. Bend county..... having a bit of a run around to find out who is finally going to be the correct contact for this. Yes, modification of existing custody order, as my ex is clearly not able to act as a responsible parent and act in the best interest for the childs welfare and future.
  8. Hi, My ex husband is the custodial parent for our 14 yrs old son, but we are all still living on the same property (and since a few days, ex even dared to moved back into the house, urgh). Anyway, in his role as the sole decision maker, he had enrolled the boy into a school appr. 34 miles from our primary residence, as he used to live closer to that area before. The school is a 'public charter school', with admission lottery and waiting list etc. Anyway, we are living in North Harris County, and the school is in Sugar Land, Fort Bend county. So not only did my ex refuse to transfer the child to any other school, which might even offer bus transportation to school (ie, Public school), and insisted of driving him daily, but he also refused now, after an argument between the teenager and him, to drive him to school. I personally don't even have any transportation, so I am not able to do it, even if my schedule would permit. Ex has been peddling residences back and forth with the boy since even before the academic school year started and the child has due to his father already as of today 28.5 days of absences in total. My questions are: Who do I have to contact to inform that he is willfully keeping the boy out of school, out of spite over an argument? And are truancy issues, which are NOT based on the child, but the parent, another indication that the custodial parent is actually the unfit parent and can be held up against the custodial parent in family court? To the probably arising question as why my ex has the custody: He had made sure I was out of country when he divorced me, while he was in physical possession over this boy, but not our other child. Hence a custody decision was made, but only for the child in his possession, meaning, this one who's now having the issues that his father willfully keeps him out of school as a form of 'punishment' against the boy and me.
  9. Thank you very much for your help. I greatly appreciate your time to provide me with the links. Will do my research and then take it one step at a time. Have a wonderful day!
  10. Hi, and thanks for your very fast response. I know the Credit Bureaus will surely not provide me with any information via phone, however I will have to explain why I am requesting credit reports for my minor children and want to put a fraud alert onto their records for now. The children in question are 12 and 14 yrs old. Why would I have to, as biological parent, and legal possessory custodian, have to subpoena their credit reports to be released to me? And even if so, how would that process then work? Heard of the term, but really not familiar with it (as I said, I am just a mother and private person, trying to protect her children). Thanks again.
  11. Hello, I am trying to proof that my ex husband, who has the same first and (first) middle name like our sons, was using their SSN numbers to sign up and obtain services using the children's SSN. I know the only difference is in the DOB and the second middle name of the still minor children. My first step will be calling the credit bureaus to obtain their credit history. Is there already something I need to mention or request right upfront during that call (ie. caller requesting the call to be recorded, if not automatically done so, or adding a fraud alert on their accounts etc.) to have later, as well, liable proof of misuse (if proven), that will as well stand up in custody court? I, personally for my part, have found already numerous proofs that my ex husband did use my SSN and copies of DL, to obtain municipal services under my name AFTER our separation and as well divorce, had opened up bank accounts and committed tax fraud. (all of that has already been reported, documented and filed with authorities). However, I want to make sure the children's future is protected by clearing up their credit history, if he done or might attempt such actions under their name as well, I know the only sure way to protect their names in the future would be a legal name change, but that as well would have to involve family court....and without a strong documentation behind the requested reasons I am not sure if that would be as easy as it sometimes sounds. Hence the questions, what forms of documentation is needed to to make a case, if the findings show misuse of their ID and SSN. Thanks for anyone reading, pondering and responding.
  12. Hello, The issue hopefully is easy to understand. My husband and I agreed to file for uncontested divorce in Houston, TX. The documents were filed in August 2011 by my husband, who still lives there, while I am living now in Egypt (since August 2010 actually). The original documents weren't quite in the form as the first judge, who heard the case,liked them, and advised my husband to get them properly filled/formulated through a lawyer. Which he did. At the next hearing a different judge was presiding, requesting additional changes in the legal terminology, which the lawyer did and submitted. Obviously due to a clerical error the documents didn't reach that judge in a timely manner before the hearing, and a trial on merits were set. Since neither lawyer, husband or me got informed of that trial date, the case then got dwopped (because nobody appeared, due to obvious reasons). Lawyer appealed for reinstatement and then re-instatement was granted in May 2012, by a third judge this time. This judge then set for a new trial on merits date, which just now was a few days ago. And what did happen? ANOTHER judge was presiding over the hearing, looked through the file from front to back, said it is apparently a very complex case (uhm, hello, it's an uncontested divorce with all terms in it agreed upon!), and postponed for a re-set trial on merits scheduled for January 2013 now. My husband and me, we both would like to move on with our lives and marry the our new lifepartners in our lives (which are now already long term life partners, considering the time it's been taken until now to finalize our divorce). My question is if there's not an option that we could request that the divorce case be finalized by a judge who had seen the case before and requested those various changes, which in the end made our file bigger than the usual uncontested divorce file. I would appreciate a little guidance on how we can expedite this divorce which seems to take undue delay. Thank you all in advance.
  13. Thank you, FindLaw_AHK, for your response as well as the very useful links. As to your questions: No, I did not file for tax returns, as there was no income to report. I do, regardless, own real estate property jointly with my husband, but agreed to forfeit my rights on it in the now pending divorce, and therefore will after receiving the final divorce decree no longer be considered a home/property owner. It is not that I do have the intention to return to the USA, but was merely wondering if I would need a tourist visa (or Visa Waiver) for visiting and spending time with my minor son in the States, who had chosen to live with his father there. Greetings from sunny Egypt!
  14. Believe me (or not), but really, if I would have access to the financial means to do just that, I would have already been divorced since 3 yrs.... Anyway, thanks again. I did appreciate the input.
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