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  1. I was in louisiana and was issued a ticket for "failure to yield on a left turn (u-turn)". That quote is directly from the ticket. A few things here: If she hits me, how is it my fault? Driving at the speed limit when it was pouring rain like that is still considered too fgast for conditions correct? If i can prove she was driving too fast for conditions, is it still my fault? Also, she claims that she also had a green arrow. Why would we both have green arrows here? Is this a flaw in the traffic system?
  2. I was making a u-turn in rainy conditions. I pulled up to the next intersection, in which the lights were green, and the left turn lane had a green arrow. There were no signs saying a U turn was illegal, and in fact the U turn seemed completely reasonable, especially since there was a green arrow telling me I had the right of way. The weather was really bad at this point and so I proceeded to turn with caution. Not seeing any cars coming, I took my u turn. It was at this point I was struck by another car that was turning and making a right turn from the intersection. U can tell from the damage that the car was going way too fast for the turn and heavy rain conditions, because there was a huge dent in my rear passenger side door, and damage to her hood as well. The speed at which she was traveling can easily be shown to be reckless by the amount of damage that occurred. A slower driving car would have caused substantially less damage. In addition, if the driver had been paying more attention to the conditions and the road, she clearly would have seen my bright red car (which was in her direct line of sight) making a legal u turn. I was able to speak with the driver after the accident and learned that she was very upset because she was already late for work once again, and this accident was making her more late. While she did not admit to speeding around that turn, it is clear that she was driving out of control and too fast for the stated conditions. In my opinion, in looking back at the site and with the given road conditions, if the driver had shown caution while driving and not been driving recklessly over the speed limit, she would have been easily able to recognize my bright red car making the turn and would have had no problem slowing down to accommodate me. The cop did issue me a ticket, however with this side of the story am i still at fault? [This post has been edited to remove style elements that were causing it to display improperly - Moderator]
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