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  1. Inquiring about laws in the state of PA pertaining to accidents that occurred on personal property but was not owners fault. Two cars were damaged in our driveway from a car that was on the road and lost control of her car after not being able to stop. Major damage was inflected on both vehicles, one claimed as a total lost, and damage was done to the yard, and the neighbor's yard both caused by her vehicle. This women was speeding down a small 35 MPH road during the rain, when the car in front of her had to slow down she could not slow down and swerved to the right, hit the flowerbed to the small business that is next to our house, took out bushes and a large rock and was then airborne into our yard smashing into one car which by impact smashed into the car parked next to it. I don't what what our rights are since PA is a "no-fault" state and the totaled car is not worth enough to purchase another vehicle.
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