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  1. Thank you so much for your help. I think our next step is giong to be to attend the court date for the other drivers citation for driving without insurance. I realize nothing can be done to recover damages there but I am hoping the driver is there and maybe we can find out whether she is really as broke and unemployed as she says she is. I guess from there we will decide if it is worth persuing small claims court or not.. This may not be the correct forum for this question but I would appreciate any information you might have.. We have uninsured motorist coverage on my daughters car but our insurance adjuster said that would only cover bodily injury not the damage to her car since we didn't have collision coverage... Is that typically how it works? I was always under the impression that it covered all costs if hit by an uninsured motorist. Thanks again for your help.
  2. My daughter was rearended by an uninsured motorist a few weeks ago in Missouri. We have only liability on my daughters car so our insurance won't pay for the damages done to my daughters car which ended up being over $3300.00. It turns out the car that hit her was owned by someone other than the person driving the vehicle, but neither had any insurance. After getting an estimate I called the driver of the other vehicle to let them know how much it was and to find out if they wanted to settle out of court or if I would have to sue them...... she seemed happy to tell me that she had no job and no money and that neither did the actual owner of the car so they wouldn't be able to pay anything. My question is....Is small claims court my only recourse? From what I have read about small claims even if I won the case it would be up to me to collect from the other person. But if the other person doesn't have a job and no money it seems to me to be futile to sue them..... right?? Also who is legally responsible for the damages? The owner of the other car, or the person driving?
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