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  1. I did resolve this issue, I ended up fighting it without a lawyer. I did my Minnesota Statute/law research, pled not guilty at arraignment, proceeded next month for court. ended up with driving too fast for the road conditions, had leaving the scene of a property damage accident dropped. Made me laugh a little because the D.A. had to go do more research on the law reguarding my case, i had more info than he did.
  2. Thanks!!! I have been stressing over this, have even tried to contact a few lawyers... so this helps
  3. Mcleod County, Minnesota Early Feb. I was sober cabbing some friends back to my house, i hit a patch of ice on a curve corrected it and as i corrected it hit another patch of ice (speed about 40mph) (curves are 45mph) and lost control. spun around and i believe i hit a dry patch of asphalt and it flipped my pick-up. Everyone was fine, no injuries, no damage to anything (except my own vehicle) someone picked us up and brought us home. we were going to get the pick up in the morning because at this time it was about 1:30am and nothing could be done that late. i recieve a phone call from a deputy from Mcleod co. after the 'investigation' i recieved 2 citations in the mail, one for 'leaving the scene of a property damage accident' and one for 'careless driving' my question is can i fight these, and do i need a lawyer to do it?
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