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  1. Oh alright. But this happened on Monday and it's Wednesday today. Do I still go to the police to file a report?
  2. I live in Pennsylvania. Yesterday, my dad was waiting for me in his car, parked infront of the place I work at. My last customer left and I was getting ready to leave. When I went outside, my dad told me that the last customer that just left the store backed up real fast from the little parking lot located next the store, without looking back and hit his car on the side. She quickly drove off without even talking the time to look at the damage she had made. My dad was shocked for a moment and got off his car and started yelling, telling her to stop but she just drove off. I managed to get her full name from her credit card receipt she was asked to sign from the store because she was my customer. I searched her up on yellowpages.com and found a phone number. What should I do now? I know it's not a major hit-and-run accident but my dad's car is brand new (we just recently got it) and it's very shocking that she didn't even get out of her car to acknowledge what she had done. Please help. This is very irritating.
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