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  1. My concern is that, based on the lies the other driver told the Officer, the Officer seemed to think there was road rage involved and that both parties were guilty. The Officer said the insurance companies would need to determine fault but since the officer failed to issue ANY type of citation - even a hit and run - that their insurance company could find us both at fault and refuse to pay for my damages. I want to gather as much information in my favor so that the other drivers insurance will cover my damages + deductible.
  2. I was involved in an accident this past weekend and need some guidance. I passed a driver, on the left hand side, on a one lane road. He got upset and proceeded to pass me on the right hand side. We were traveling on a one lane road in a somewhat residential area. The road was a bit wider than normal to allow for cars to park in front of their homes. That is how he was able to attempt to pass on the right hand side. The road narrowed back down, without and warning, and he forced me out of my lane into the oncoming lane. thankfully there were no cars coming and I was able to get over but not before he skimmed the front end of my car causing $1000 in damages. The driver kept going and I had to chase him while my husband called the cops and provided the details of the car and our location. The cops went to his house and brought him back to the scene (turns out he lived 2 blocks away from where it happened). Of course the driver told the cops a completely different story and even went as far as saying the incident took place on a completely different street. The cops said they didn't believe his story especially after I told them I had proof that I was not remotely near the street he claimed we were on. He later changed his story and claimed that his lane ended and that I didn't let him over. The cops refused to give him a ticket since they said it was his word against mine and that I had to let the insurance companies battle it out. By the way, the cops were unable to find any damage to his car. My questions: 1. Shouldn't he have received a ticket, at the least, for leaving the scene of an accident? He hit my car and I had to chase him down. Otherwise I wouldn't have had his info. 2. He admittedly lied to the cops. Shouldn't that count for something? 3. I did not get a police report from the cops. Should I have received it then or does the cop do that after the fact? I'm in Virginia. Would I need to call them and request one? I do have the name and number of the cop. 4. Any words of advise on how to handle this with my insurance company? Thanks for your help.
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