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  1. teenee

    act 572

    louisiana state laws,he just wanna know if he has a chance of being released with the new law they passed feb. 1 in louisiana,he is in east carol detention center in lake providence louisiana
  2. i wanna know how do i go about getting an inmate moved closer to home,with sick family members
  3. teenee

    act 572

    ok now i have numerous os acts he wants me to ask about,this is hard work when you dont have any understanding to this, 572 good time act,act 138,act 1099 and649,can i please get info on these acts,to get a full understanding please,help
  4. teenee

    act 572

    im trying to find out the act 572 law,my husband is locked up in east carol detention center,he is sentence to 20 years,is he qualified for this act 572.
  5. hi,i read your question and mines is similiar to your,my husband was sentences to 20 yr.,on a drug charge and im lost to where to start,all i know is act 572
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