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  1. I definitely understand what you're saying, and I do apologize for not being as clear as possible. I am just trying to not divulge the entity involved. To be clearer- the 'membership' is to become a member of a group with collective buying power. Also, I guess the reason why I am considering there to be fraud on the contracts is that the signatures lines read "date of signature" and NOT something like "date agreement set to begin". If both parties knowingly lied on the "date of signature", does that leave a loophole for voiding the contract?
  2. I am not certain that all of the questions were/are relevant, but here are some of the answers/info requested. I signed a Membership Agreement. We post-dated the contract because I was ready to walk out the door because I was still unsure. I was told (probably lied to), that I would be receiving a HUGE discount on membership if I signed up THAT day. When I was ready to leave I was told I could lock that price in if I signed a post-dated contract. (the price that was supposed to be thousands less than if I came back again later) The mood and intent was definitely that this way I would have time to think on it. At this point I just cannot afford the membership, bottom line. I am self-employed and the last several months have been terrible. So, I need to know, since both parties fraudulently signed the contract, is it voidable? Both parties did sign, and I have NOT received any consideration from the company since that time. The state would be Kansas. You may think of me as a weasel, but that never was, and is not, my intent. Just looking for some answers.
  3. Without naming names- I was offered the "opportunity" to lock in a certain price to gain membership into a certain club with heralded benefits. So, I signed a contract, and dated it 6 months from the day I actually signed it. I have determined and I cannot afford the service, and am trying to cancel the membership BEFORE the date written on the contract. Am I legally bound to this contract even though we have yet to reach the date written and signed on the contract, or can I not cancel/void the contract since the date has not yet come?
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