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  1. marczewska86 said...since i did not agree to the store credit and have not accepted any store credit, do i still own the tv?and is americas thrift store at falt for trashing/reselling my tv without my okay? What do i need to do? A good deal of this will depend on the terms of the sale and/or the terms of the warranty itself. You mention that it's a thrift store - was the TV new or used? What exactly were the terms related to the sale and the warranty? Is there any particular reason you don't want to use the store credit? If the store threw away the TV without your consent, you might try persuading them to issue you a refund.
  2. jgails: Please be mindful of your tone when interacting with other users here in the FindLaw Community. If you have additional information, or follow-up questions, you may post them using the "answer/reply" button (below your original question) in your original discussion.
  3. winsvslosing said... how can i give my sons father custody and get visitation thru the court before I send him to stay we live in two different states? You return to court to modify the custody and visitation order. If you're both in agreement then it shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish. winsvslosing said... Will I have to pay him child support since he owes me so much? You may be required to pay child support if the father becomes the primary custodial parent. That wouldn't negate the debt he owes you, but you can still collect against him for the support payments in arrears.
  4. I would agree with the previous poster that you need to do some further investigation to determine whether a judgment was earlier obtained against you. As indicated, you should have been given notice of the earlier proceedings that led to the judgment (if any), but that's not always the case. It would probably be helpful for you to speak with a local debtor-creditor attorney to review the situation and explain to you your options. You can find an Indiana debtor-creditor attorney by using FindLaw's Lawyer Directory. Many of the attorneys listed even offer free consultations, so there's no harm in making a few calls. Best of luck, and let us know what you find out.
  5. tweet50 said...What do I do? What do you want to do? tweet50 said...I noticed crucial damage to the rear bumper that was NOT there before they picked it up. If someone damages your property then they are responsible for repairing it. The challenge here will be proving who/when/where it was damaged, as they'll likely claim it was damaged when it was repossessed.
  6. Was your parenting plan a result of a court action/order? If the father is unwilling to work with you on modification of the plan, then you may need to go to court to modify custody arrangements. You might find the following Findlaw resources helpful in your situation: Child Custody Relocation Laws Out-of-State Moves with the Child If you need to go to court, you might consider consulting with a Washington Family Law Attorney who can advise you on the applicable laws as well as your options. You can even speak with one at no cost by taking advantage of the free consultations that many Washington Family Law Attorneys listed in the FindLaw Lawyer Directory offer.
  7. Your solution is to seek modification of the court-ordered child custody or visitation. You can read about Child Custody Modification here on FindLaw. A local family law attorney can also guide you on what you need to do and present you with realistic expectations. You can find a local family law attorney in your state using FindLaw's Lawyer Directory. Many of the attorney listed even offer free consultations.
  8. Do you have a question? If you received a ticket and never paid it or never appeared for a required court appearance then it's unlikely that any statute of limitation would apply.
  9. For criminal charges, your first step is with the police. Report the crime, an investigation should take place, and then the local prosecutor will determine whether to press charges. If the police are unwilling to investigate, or the district attorney unwilling to press charges, and you still believe that charges should be filed, you may want to try contacting your state's Attorney General and apprise them of the situation. You might even try contacting a local personal injury attorney to review whether your daughter has a claim against the teacher and/or the school system. Finally, regarding your criminal matters, you would be well-advised at this point to seek the advice of a local criminal defense attorney. The charges you could face are serious and could carry serious penalties. Seek out a criminal defense attorney in Georgia to help you prepare a defense. You can find a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney using FindLaw's Lawyer Directory - many attorneys listed even offer free consultations. Best of luck.
  10. According to Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, a valid driver's license is still required to operate a 50cc (or less) scooter. I'm uncertain of how an electric bicycle would be classified under Florida law or whether a license would be required. If classified as a bicycle it might not require a driver's license. You might want to contact the FLHSMV for clarification on that matter.
  11. If I had to venture a guess, I would say criminal, but I would suggest that you contact Iowa's Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning Department and ask them to be certain. Let us know what you find out.
  12. What Michigan code sections where you cited under? Additionally, was this a local ordinance? You can read some code sections on Dangerous Animals on Michigan's website. The community might be able to provide more input with more information.
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