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  1. Would you mind posting the state where this is taking place? Community members may be more able to help with some added information.
  2. Have you considered the possibility of divorce? Not necessarily advocating that you should do that - but the divorce process would address child custody arrangements.
  3. Because landlord-tenant laws are state-specific, would you mind providing the state where this took place?
  4. I would remind our users that issues such as these can cause people great stress and discomfort. Please remember to review members' opinions objectively and ALWAYS treat each others' opinions with courtesy and respect.
  5. diva81370, I'll remind you, per the community guidelines, to keep your comments respectful and to refrain from insulting or disparaging other members. One can sympathize that this is a difficult time in your life, and as such, you may be sensitive to certain types of comments. That said, it doesn't appear that anyone was attacking you so much as trying to educate you as to the possible consequences of your proposed actions and how those actions could be perceived by those who matter (ex: Judge presiding over your divorce proceedings).
  6. FindLaw does have a UK site with its own Q&A forum. You might want to try your question there: http://community.findlaw.co.uk/
  7. I would encourage you to review the Community Guidelines, particularly as they pertain to solicitation. As mentioned in the previous thread you posted, if you wish to find law firms in New York, you can use FindLaw's own Lawyer Directory to narrow them down by location and practice area. This thread will now be locked; please note that multiple violations of our Community Guidelines may result in the suspension of your account's posting privileges. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to our Contact Us page.
  8. You may want to try contacting some local attorneys using FindLaw's Lawyer Directory. Many attorneys listed in the Directory even offer free consultations.
  9. kaiser1987 said...will I face time in jail? Based on the charges you mentioned, it's entirely possible. No one here can say for certain either way though. kaiser1987 said...do I need a lawyer Considering the number of charges and the fact that leaving the scene of an accident is typically considered a serious offense, I would consider it. You can even speak with a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer by taking advantage of the free consultations that many listed in the FindLaw Directory provide.
  10. It may be. I'd suggest reading this article on Seattle PI concerning turning left over double-yellow lines for more information.
  11. Could you provide a little context as to what you're talking about? What is the court order for? What does it state? Why are you taking it to the "sc dmv?" Why won't they honor the court order?
  12. soap42 said...my son has criminal charges and currently in custody his charges are 39:3-76.2f what is he facing and what degree is the crime? in New Jersey In custody? Are you certain you have the right code number? Unless I'm mistaken, the code section you provided is a seatbelt law: "39:3-76.2f. Seat belt usage requirements; driver's responsibility. 2. a. Except as provided in P.L.1983, c.128 (C.39:3-76.2a et al.) for children under eight years of age and weighing less than 80 pounds, all passengers under eight years of age and weighing more than 80 pounds, and all passengers who are at least eight years of age but less than 18 years of age, and each driver and front seat passenger of a passenger automobile operated on a street or highway in this State shall wear a properly adjusted and fastened safety seat belt system as defined by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 209. b. The driver of a passenger automobile shall secure or cause to be secured in a properly adjusted and fastened safety seat belt system, as defined by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 209, any passenger who is at least eight years of age but less than 18 years of age. c. All rear seat passengers 18 years of age or older of a passenger automobile operated on a street or highway in this State shall wear a properly adjusted and fastened safety seat belt system as defined by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 209. For the purposes of the "Passenger Automobile Seat Belt Usage Act," the term "passenger automobile" shall include vans, pick-up trucks, and utility vehicles."
  13. I would agree with knort4, and suggest that you speak with a Florida probate attorney sooner rather than later. You can find a Florida probate attorney by using FindLaw's Lawyer Directory. Many of the lawyers listed even offer free consultations, so there's no harm in making a few calls. Best of luck, and let us know how it turns out.
  14. Were you charged as an adult? I'm not familiar how Washington treats criminal records acquired as a minor and whether they're sealed or not (or in what circumstances). That said, you might want to pull a copy of your criminal history from Washington state to see exactly what appears there. The information on that report likely turns up on any background check pulled on you.
  15. I can't say I know of any off the top of my head, but you're welcome to search the Texas legislature's website for bills dealing with such issues. You might also try contacting your local representative for assistance in this matter.
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