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  1. An eviction usually dosent carry a 30 day notice and always requires a court order. Sounds like your lanldord is just ending your tenancy. I suggest you call your local senior services department to see if any help is available for you.
  2. If the apartment is unregulated, why would you think that you should be treated as a requlated apartment?
  3. You neeed a lawyer...like yesterday.
  4. You can't claim that you do not have cold water when you clearly state in your post that you do have cold water after letting it run awhile.
  5. reenzz


    441.060. Tenancy at will, sufferance, month to month, how terminated — judgment of eviction, how effectuated, landlord's liability. — 1. A tenancy at will or by sufferance, or for less than one year, may be terminated by the person entitled to the possession by giving one month's notice, in writing, to the person in possession, requiring the person in possession to vacate the premises.
  6. Unless your daughter and her son are included in your section 8 voucher, the landlord, by law, can not allow them to live there.
  7. Yes it's legal. The landlord likely has a service contract with a particular company. Part of that contract would usually require the landlord to purchase their fuel in exhange for servicing the landlord furnace.
  8. If you didn't breach the stipulation, how and who forced to move?
  9. You had 14 days to pay rent under Wisconsin law. You failed pay rent. Landlord served with eviction papers on day 15. I do not get where you landlord has failed to follow "proper procedure". BTW...you having a baby or relying on county assistance is irrelevant.
  10. Under Florida law he is required to give you a 7 day WRITTEN notice.
  11. Sorry, but the landlord is the one who files the case and gets a docket number. Once filed, it will show up on your background check. Most evictions do not even get to the judge and are usually settled before the court date. You may also find that the landlord sues you in a seperate case for back rent, late fees, court costs and attorney fees. If the landlord wins, this will show on your credit report.
  12. Once the eviction is filed with the court, it will show up on your record. So anytime after the 3 day notice expires. Also, dont blame the landlord for being "demanding". He's actually been quite patient with you. I, along with most other landlords, would of filed 3 months ago.
  13. I doubt the judge would care. It’s an issue for the landlord and the IRS. Your attempt at extortion may not sit well with the judge though.
  14. The first thing any judge will ask is why you continued to live there and risk your sons health and why you did not move the crib away from the leak.
  15. Have you applied for disability? You really can not expect the landlord to continue to support you.
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