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  1. The place sounds terrible. Why would you stay there for 3 years? I suggest you pay your full rent and move out when your lease is up.
  2. You've been told numerous times that there is no law. No need to get snippy just because you don't like the answers you've been given.
  3. Are you being both being evicted for back rent and/or faliure to vacate? Did you ever get a 15 or 30 day notice to vacate.
  4. Since your name has never been on the lease, it is questionable if you can even offer a defence to the eviction. You really need to speak with an attorney.
  5. Did you owe any rent for August? Did you pay for August? Do you have proof that you paid for August? Do you owe late fees? If so, did you pay the late fees? Do you have proof that you the late fees? The bring up problems with the apartment now that you are no longer living there is irrelevant.
  6. Are you allowed to withhold rent in your state?
  7. Under NC law, the landlord can not evict you. She can , however, refuse to renew a lease. If you fail to vacate as ordered, you then can legally be evicted. Retaliation laws only applies to evictions...not non-renewals.
  8. Sign a power of attorney form for you daughter to act on your behalf. Your daughter can then go to the office herself and take care of the reasonable accommodation request. Also, do you already have an assisted living facility to move to on September 1st? I ask because the landlord will verify this when deciding to approve or disaprove you accommodation request.
  9. Not uncommon. If you caused a fire in the unit, the insurance would cover the damages.
  10. An eviction usually dosent carry a 30 day notice and always requires a court order. Sounds like your lanldord is just ending your tenancy. I suggest you call your local senior services department to see if any help is available for you.
  11. If the apartment is unregulated, why would you think that you should be treated as a requlated apartment?
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