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  1. reenzz

    Pay extra to have guest sleep over

    I doubt the judge would care. It’s an issue for the landlord and the IRS. Your attempt at extortion may not sit well with the judge though.
  2. reenzz

    toxic mold in apartment

    The first thing any judge will ask is why you continued to live there and risk your sons health and why you did not move the crib away from the leak.
  3. reenzz

    Eviction notice

    Have you applied for disability? You really can not expect the landlord to continue to support you.
  4. In the unlikely event that you get a judgement, you do know that the courts will not sent this collections...right? Do you currently have a contract with a collection agency?
  5. You may be able to show a verbal agreement to pay rent, but you will have a very difficult time .if not, an impossible time...to prove that she agreed to pay a lease break fee that is in the lease that she never signed.
  6. When you decided to move into a place that allows smoking....what did you expect?
  7. reenzz

    Terminating month to month lease in NJ

    As per NJ law, if she fails to vacate after giving notice, you are free to charge her double rent. 2A:42-5. Holding over by tenant after giving notice of quitting; double rent recoverable If a tenant of real estate shall give notice of his intention to quit the premises by him held at a time specified in such notice, and shall not deliver up the possession of such real estate at the time specified in the notice, such tenant, his executors or administrators, shall, from such time, pay to his landlord or lessor, his heirs or assigns, double the rent which he should otherwise have paid, to be levied, sued for and recovered at the same times and in the same manner as the single rent before the giving of such notice could be levied, sued for and recovered. Such double rent shall continue to be paid during all the time such tenant shall continue in possession after the giving of such notice.
  8. reenzz

    Double dipping on late fees

    You likely just owe $100 in late fees. Being behind a month an a half is serious. I think you should kiss your landlords behind for not evicting you after being a few days late. You are in serious breach of your lease and may not just owe late fee, but the landlords attorney fees and court costs.
  9. This is how my tenant left my home and disappeared. I can not find her new addresss but I know where she works. A little background.... she had sent me texts stating that if I try to sue her, she will report my illegal apartment. It may be illegal, but I’m not sure since the home does not have a C of O, I purchased it as a two family, report the additional income to the IRS. TO DATE, I’ ve spent over $11,000.00 dollar so far in repairs,cleaning, trash removal and appliance replacements. Any ideas on how I shrould address getting back the repair costs, lost rent.
  10. Unless your in a state that has some weird notice periods, you owe rent by the month....not the day or the week.
  11. reenzz

    3 tenants and no lease

    And your question is...?
  12. So what does your lease say about giving notice?
  13. reenzz

    Horrible Landlord need help

    Unless you followed the Kentucky law, you illegally withheld rent. http://www.lrc.ky.gov/Statutes/statute.aspx?id=35744
  14. reenzz

    Landlord expects tenant to pay deductible

    Does the washer belong to you or the landlord? Who hired the installation company?
  15. reenzz

    My Landlord asked me to move out??

    You are in control here. Don’t let him bully you. Call his bluff. Tell him that you will vacate on December 31st without losing the deposit. If he disagrees, tell him that you will remain on the property until your lease expires. If you can come to a mutual agreement, GET IT IN WRITING. Good luck...