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  1. Of course, I understand , from the standpoint of the FHA, that it's legal, but does that makes it morally right to deny me from the right to receive a reverse mortgage just because I'm supplying my own power? Do I have recourse?
  2. Off grid means simply that I'm located beyond a community power supply. Non- conforming is the excuse I've been given by representatives of the FHA meaning (I suspect) I don't qualify for the program because I'm not "On grid". I'm in a subdivision in the Colorado mountains with many homes from a cabin to million dollar homes. Non- conforming?
  3. I'm 66 and I've just built a home valued at approx. $650,000.00 with no mortgage or debt. I'm trying to apply for a reverse mortgage, but I'm being turned down because I'm "off grid " although I have a state of the art generating system. I've been told I'm "non-conforming". Am I being discriminated against and do I have legal recourse?
  4. I have a friend who broke up with his girlfriend and no violence was involved in the relationship, but the woman had a restraining order put on him and the Judge informed the defendent that it was for life. He is located in Colorado. How long can a restrianing order be put on somebody?
  5. In Oregon my friend had a surgical procedure done and when they evacuated the stomach tube from her, they contaminated her lungs with stomach acid. As she describe it, "an acid wash". She ended up in the hospital for three weeks instead of three days and they almost lost her. She is now disabled with severe lung damage and has to be on oxygen from now on. The hospital gave her insurance company a $30,000.00 break on the bill, but she's been left out on a limb. She took out a new more expensive insurance policy, but that's a greater cost to her and she's disabled. Can she go back and take the hospital to court for damages even though she signed a waiver prior to the surgery? Can she get a reasonable settlement to cover her disability from now on? By the way, this is an incredibly wonderful service. You folks are great.
  6. In Colorado, my Mother was diagnosed with vascular dimentia and was unable to take care of finances and as her dedicated Financial Power of Attorney I took over paying her bills that were in arrears. However, she had no money in her account other than a pod amount to a relative. As her financial rep, I closed out the pod account and transferred it to my account and commenced paying her outstanding bills. She has now passed on and I still have bills to pay out of that account. When the bills are finished, is the relative entitled to the remaining amount of the pod account or since I cancelled it, will the remaining amount be adminstered through the estate? Can I be held liable for the full payment of the pod to the relative since this was done prior to her death? Do the remaining funds go toward the estate or am I entitled to the funds?