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  1. Hi jjratzee, thank you for letting us know about your issue with the consumer injury form-- sounds like it ended up working for you? Please let us know if that is not the case
  2. I paid a machinic 1200.00 to get my car running n it's was returned unrunning 6 weeks later . How do I recover my money

  3. Hi Mica, Thanks for posting and sorry to hear about the situation you and your husband are currently dealing with. You do have legal options here. While informal arrangements may work for a while (or always for some couples), when they stop working you really should work within the court systems to put together an arrangement that is in the best interests of the kids. As Ted mentioned, you should get in touch with a child custody attorney. You can find one here (you can search by city and state) and many of the attorneys in our directory offer free consultations. Here's some information you might find helpful while you are dealing with this situation: Child custody Custody Factors FAQ 5 tips for child custody mediation Best of luck with everything and please keep us posted!
  4. Hi Sterling C, Thanks for posting! Can you provide some more details that can help the community point you in the right direction... What state are you in? Do you have a purchase agreement with the other party? False lien? Thanks!
  5. Hi Dremble, Thanks for posting and sorry to hear about what you and your boyfriend are dealing with. If you want to change the terms of custody (or the mother does), your boyfriend will need to work with the court system since it sounds like conversations between the two of them may not be yielding desirable results right now. Many of the attorneys in our directory offer free consultations and can answer your questions much more in depth-- you can find a Louisiana child custody attorney here. Here's some information on the topic of child custody you might find helpful: How to get custody Deciding who gets custody Interstate custody arrangements (since you mentioned the mother lives in Texas and you and your boyfriend are in Louisiana) Best of luck with everything and please keep us posted and continue to ask any additional questions you might have!
  6. If you do suspect some foul play or anticipate difficulty working with your father's widow to get anything that is left to you and your siblings, you will want to work with an attorney as this can be a confusing and paperwork-heavy process. Here's a link to estate planning attorneys for you to get in touch with-- many offer free consultations and you can search by city and state.
  7. Hi JM2027, Welcome to the forum and thanks for the great suggestion- a lock is certainly a great way to avoid future happenings. Since this is a legal forum, most of the responses are related to how the posted can take legal action and/or what the cause of action would be. In this case, a battery. There are a lot of great posts that would benefit from your responses so be sure to check out all the boards!
  8. RetiredinVA is correct in encouraging you to work with an experienced medical malpractice attorney and physician to determine the worth of your case. You can find one here and many offer free consultations so you can get a good feel for things before you decide to hire him or her.
  9. Hi Emara, Welcome to the community and thank you for posting! PG is correct in strongly encouraging your friend to get in touch with a local family law attorney-- you can search those listed in our directory by city and state and many offer free consultations. Given the highly emotional nature of child custody issues, working with an attorney represents your friends best chance at getting the arrangement she wants. Here's some additional information on child custody that might be of interest: How to get custody How custody decisions are made What to do if your ex denied visitation time Best of luck to your friend and please keep us posted
  10. The responses are totally on point-- the building, of course, has the right to fine tenants for breaking the rules set out in their lease or specified elsewhere. As for where they got the $1,000 fine amount, it may be written out in the lease. If it is not, your friend is certainly within her right to ask how they came up with that figure when there was no damage. While she may be tempted not to pay the fine given that she is moving out soon, the building will likely just try to take that amount out of her security deposit-- something you should make her aware of.
  11. Great comments everyone. The community is correct-- what happened here was a simple battery and something you can report to the police. You may want to consider moving out or asking that roommate to move out to avoid this happening again. Here's some resources on this topic for further reading: Battery Basics Elements of a Battery If you would like to speak with a criminal defense attorney, you can get in touch with one here (you can search by city and state).
  12. Hi Richrunvs, Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. While physically taking the car may seem like the easiest way, LegalWriter One is correct in encouraging you to keep your actions within the law. You have lots of options! The best place to start is also free-- write her a demand letter letting her know you will take legal action if she does not catch up and continue her payments. If that does not work then consider getting in touch with a Texas collections attorney-- many in our directory offer free consultations. Here are some articles that may be of interest to you: Debt Collection Sample debt collection letter Best of luck with everything and keep us posted!
  13. CC56, Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. PG is correct-- you should at least have an initial consultation with an attorney to discuss this further. Here is a link to disability attorneys- you can search further based on your city and state and many offer free consultations. Best of luck with everything!
  14. This can be a tricky situation but it sounds like (based on your description) that you were promised the raise multiple times and a breach of an oral contract would be your best course of action. Put simply, contracts do not need to be in writing to be valid under the law but these conversations can be much harder to prove. Here's some information you may find helpful as you research this further: What contracts need to be in writing? Breach of contract & lawsuits You may want to consider speaking with a California employment law attorney about this further-- many included in that link offer free consultations.
  15. Cecyyy, Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! If you could provide some more details on the nature of the arrangement with your ex and the car that would be helpful in giving you more legal direction.
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