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  1. the opposing party filed a motion hearing regarding a motion to tax costs on my filing of a memorandum of costs. The judge recused himself and the hearing date was vacated. I was told by the court that I needed to refile my cost memorandum with the name of the new judge, which I did. But the opposing party did not respond or refile the motion to tax costs or reschedule a hearing till after the judge signed a judgment in my favor, 45 days after the hearing date was vacated. A new hearing date was scheduled 22 days later. Now the judge has reduced the judgment after the opposing party filed late. Was the court wrong in telling me that I had to refile my memorandum of cost? Should the original memorandum of cost and motion to tax be carried over to the new court? How long should the opposing party be allowed to wait, before rescheduling the motion hearing? It seems like had I not refiled my memorandum of cost, the opposing party could have delayed filing indefinitely and the memorandum of cost would have never been considered. Thank you.
  2. Thank you so much! I was afraid if I said that you might abandon me. I very much appreciate your advice. Take care
  3. Going against a business license was something that was mentioned in my research on collecting judgments. It is a law firm.... whose billing practices were questionable. thank you again. Take care
  4. Thank you once again. I will look into what you have suggested. I would hope the judgment is enough to collect the debt as I understand that I can file against their business license as well.
  5. Thank you. I called and the court is "dark" till March 1, so I know nothing will be happening. On the Judgment it is check marked "defendant named in item 5b to recover cost $ TO BE DETERMINED. I just don't want to mess up after spending so much time and effort to win this case in the first place. I worked extremely hard to win and did hours of research. Sadly, I can't find anything that says what to do at this point. Take care.
  6. I was referring to the section that states : "(4)Entry of costs After the time has passed for a motion to strike or tax costs or for determination of that motion, the clerk must immediately enter the costs on the judgment." I'm sorry, I am not proficient in the law. As I read this, I am coming to the conclusion that I don't need to file anything else, and the clerk will enter the cost on the judgement. I realize that I am responsible for collecting the judgement. I am merely asking is there anything else that I need to do to make sure that a judgement for the money is ordered or filed, since there was no Motion to strike or tax costs. I asked on here because it says it's a site that you can ask a question. I certainly didn't mean to ruffle your feathers, because I am not a lawyer. If I had of had the money to hire a lawyer, I would have done so. But I don't so I have had to do all of my work by research, as I am trying to do here.
  7. I won a breach of contract case. As instruct all the documents were filed along with a memorandum of costs. The judge retired and it was given to the new judge. A motion to tax was filed and a date was set to hear the motion. The judge recused himself four days before the motion was to be heard and vacated the date of the hearing.the case was moved to a new judge. I was told by the court that I needed to refile my memorandum of costs with the new judge in his courtroom, which I did and it was received by both the business office of the court and the other party on January 30,2019. The other party did not file a motion against my memorandum of costs this time and the 15 court days have passed. Will the court approve my memorandum per Rule 3.1700.? How much longer do they have to decide? As of today, nothing is shown for approval or denial on the website. Thank you in advance
  8. So is the proposed judgement just the form that I can pull up online or does it need something wrote up regarding the judges decision attached to it as well
  9. The name of the document is “Decision “ signed by the judge, dated and filed by the court.
  10. Yes, I mean I sent both the Plaintiff and the court a copy of a notice of entry of Judgement with the statement of decision attached and proof of service for both. It was an unlimited case. i was told I needed to send a “judgement “ in by the courts clerk. Is the Notice of Judgement sent in as I did the same as a Judgement? Or is there something else I need to file? I know I’m in over my head but I’m taking care of my mother in law so I have no income right now. This the reason I represented myself. Thank you
  11. I received the courts decision in favor of me as the defendant in a breach of contract case. I had to represent myself for financial reasons. I submited a entry of judgement to both the court and the plaintiff . Is there anything else I need to do or any other forms I need to file to complete the case? this was a civil case in San Diego county. thank you in advance for you help
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