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  1. I've got a question. Person is on lane A (say going left) and wants to make a U turn into lane B (going right), where A and B are separated by a 2-way left turn lane. I've always thought the proper way is from Lane A merge into the 2-way left turn lane (the car is parallel with the yellow lines) and then performing a U turn into lane B Does a person violate this law if: the person starts the U-turn from lane A, thus crossing the 2-way left turn lane perpendicular to the yellow lines, into lane B? I'm focusing on the last sentence of V C Section 21460.5 © A left turn or U-turn shall not be made from any other lane where a two-way left-turn lane has been designated. The rest of the subsection © talks about not using the 2-way turn lane unless preparing or making a left turn or U-turn, but I'm confused about the wording "from any other lane" in the last sentence of subsection ©. many thanks for the help.
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