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  1. I Live in Maryland my husband has passed for 3 yearswhat is the time limit for wills to settle?
  2. It has been a year since my husband died. And the estate is not settled. Why is it taking so long??
  3. I live in Maryland- It has been 11 months since husbands death. His estate is not settled. The executors said that it might be at least another 4-6 months. Is it possible for a partial settlement?
  4. My mother worked for the State Of Md. And left some monies in retirement. The Beneficies was 1st-(My Father) 2nd- my sister Shirley. Well mom and dad got divorced and she remarried. NEVER CHANGING THE BENEFICIES. My sister received a letter from the state of Md saying there is monies for her. However my dad did not know he was to receive the monies when she passed and further more did not know it eixsted. So he passed in the meantime as well. My sister is trying to recover the monies. The state is aking if my father had a will...which he did not(died in a nursing home in Arazonia. My understanding all bills were paid and he owed nothing. We meaning 4 children are hes legal heirs(children). No one left except us 4 children. It keeps growing every day as it is in an account in the state of Maryland Goverment. How would my sister go about receiving this monies??????????????
  5. In my husbands will be gave his guns to his sons the tractor collection to his children. And it is stated that a certian lawsuite in New Hampshire ( a specific # is stated) will be split 25% to me(wife) and the children split the rest 5 ways(5 children). It go's on to further say that the residual is to be mine(wife) I just can't figure out if one is related to the other. In other words there was a lawsuite in Maryland that I am not sure if it is a leg from the New Hampshire lawsuite. However when the Maryland lawsuite settled monies was sent to the New Hampshire lawyers. My questions is the monies that is left in the Maryland law suite is the residual is this to become mine????
  6. What is the law for the state of Maryland for residual estate. And who decides what is the residual?
  7. I have not made myself completely clear on my questions, It does state in the will where the monies will be despersed. It is a long drawn out situation. Lawsuites are still outstanding and in the meantime monies are coming in from settlements. One of which it is completely clear that I receive the residual monies. In that settlement I will receive x amount of dollars and the rest will go into the estate. And when the estate is settled I will receive the balance of this settlement monies which falls under the residual. However there is a lawsuite that it is stated that I will get 25% and my husbands children will split the 75% that is left after the fees are paid in full. I guess that I am really watching my back as far as his children are concerned. I appericate all the time that you spent answering my emails. I guess what I want someone to say is that what is stated in the will is cement and can not be changed. His children have access to opurtunities to get legal consel and I have not. My husband died on March 30, 2010 not so long ago of mesotheioma. The state that I live in is Maryland
  8. Can someone contest a will in a family? If so eventhough it is stated clearly in the will where the monies go and also if furneral expenses are paid in full in advance of death are the refundable to the spouse for payment. This is a maryland state will.
  9. My husbands estate is still in limbo he died on March 30, 2010. Some lawsuties are still in progress and one has settled. I am not the executive of his estate. However some monies have come in and are in an account. It has been 9 months since his death why has this not going to probate and begun to be dispresed. Also I was told that the residual comes to me. Is this true?
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