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  1. I have a friend who was in a accident a couple weeks ago. The weather was horrible and it was snowing and icey out. Her car slid into the other lane on a highway after hitting a patch of ice and the two cars hit almost head on. They were both going about 40 miles an hour, Thank God both went to the hospital and were released the same night. While at the hospital the Trooper talked with the man who was in the car in the other lane, he said some things that I don't know how he knew and seemed to be false like saying she was going way to fast, looked like she was going to pass and such. The Trooper didn't talk to my friend because she was going to get a X-ray and left, when he came to talk to her at the house he basically just told her that she was being charged with "Driving to fast for condition"......So my question is how can he do that without both sides of the stories, or in Minnesota isn't there a no-fault thing when there is an accident like that? The report in the paper the next day seemed sketchy as well, it listed the man as wearing his seat belt and female passenger in the other car unknown. When I talked to my friend who is a fireman that was there who cut her out of the seat belt, so don't Troopers do an investigation of some kind, shouldn't they talk to people like the fireman about the accident? If anyone has any help with this I'd love some advice, I just don't know how you can get charged with that when first the conditions were horrible, and the Trooper wasn't there to witness the "Driving to fast for conditions" in the first place and is basically just going off of what one person in the accident said v/r Go Navy
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