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  1. Can video be used as evidence, if it was a setup by someone in their own home? I have video of person taking prescription pill bottle off of refrigerator, pouring pills into hand, looking at them, putting pills back in same bottle and replacing it on refrigerator, the pills that were in the bottle were not what were prescribed, they were switched, using Tylenol? Nothing was taken from pill bottle or home. Can this be used as evidence against same person for a possible crime that may have happened earlier in the year?
  2. I live in Maine. I have a summons for stealing drugs, which is a class c felony in Maine. Do you have to be aware or give your permission to be photographed, video taped or tape recorded? Can said photograph's, video tape, or tape recording be used as evidence against me if I was unaware that I was being photographed, video taped or tape recorded, by a civilian, as well as by a police officer? Can a tape recording be used as evidence, if a police officer is the one recording, says he read me the Miranda rights, but never informed me that our conversation was going to be recorded, & that I was entitled to an attorney? Does there have to be some type of posting, that is visiable by person entering someones property/home that states there is surveillance camera's or other type of recordable device, protecting their property/home?
  3. I live in Maine. My question is about a case involving DHHS. My sister had her children taken, very long story, she has been trying, and trying to get her babies back. It has been just over a year, and there is a trial scheduled for termination of her parental rights to her two oldest children. She also has a daughter that has been in custody since she was 4months old. I guess what I want to know, is what is the laws for custody, and how long can DHHS take, and can the decision be appealed? If all they can find wrong is that my sister needs to goto therapy, have a stable home, and stable income, which she now has, can they still terminate her parental rights? tabshayme
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