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  1. pg1067 and Pierre, Thank you so much for your time and thoughts - this is a matter of concern for me and you both helped me out a lot. Amakihi
  2. I apologize that my lack of familiarity with legal terms caused confusion. If I had a good grasp of all this, I wouldn't be writing for online assistance. pg1067, I appreciate your sincere attempt to figure out what I was trying to convey! And that you managed to come up with some kind of a basis for comparison, however rough, based on Probate Code Section 10800, which is all I had hoped to get with the limited info I provided. Just to clarify, there was no "estate". The total assets were in the trust and equally divided between my brother and I; no other interested parties and no probate. To my mind, he has done a lot of work: making multiple trips and phone calls to banks, completing paperwork, meeting with realtors and others, overseeing maintenance of the house, receiving and paying bills associated with the house, selling the car, etc. My Mom died a year ago, and the house is still on the market, so this is not a short-term thing. As far as I can recall, my involvement has been limited to filing paperwork for a couple of insurance claims, getting a few documents (power of attorney, etc.) notarized, consulting with my brother and realtors on the phone and by internet, researching online the value of the car and some other small items. I have also spent a very labor-intensive week with him packing up and disposing of the items in a 3-bedroom house. As I said, the time he has spent has probably been 9 times what I have spent. I wish I could estimate the total hours we've each put into it, but I can't, and I'm sure he can't either. He has asked for no compensation. He will be taking virtually all of the furniture (we are not dividing it nor am I being compensated for my "half"), some of which is quite valuable. When it is all complete, and we divide the proceeds of the house etc., I want to make sure that he receives something beyond 50% of all that for his trouble. I understand that you can't tell me what that amount should be, but at least I now know what the probate code says would be appropriate for assets totaling $800,000 or so. Now I just need to estimate how much more work that situation would entail, compared to what our trust has entailed. Thank you again.
  3. My brother and I are sole trustees in the revocable living trust established by my mother before she died. Her assets (consisting of home and contents, Certificates of Deposit, car, insurance policies), all in California, totalled between $800,000 and 900,000. We have been in accord on all decisions. My brother lives 2 1/2 hours away from her home by car; I am 5 hours away by air. For this reason, he has handled about 90 percent of the work involved in settling the estate. Technically, we are each entitled to 50%, but I feel that he deserves compensation for all he has done. I have no idea what would be appropriate. Can you advise, please?
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