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  1. Well I must be getting someone uncomfortable. She has now setup for some dirtbags to break into my mom's house and make it look like me. I can guess it is an attempt to discredit me or get me arrested so if I file a court request for a construction trust against her I won't be taken with any kind of credibility. She wasn't aware I was not in the state at the time, but guilt or innocent isn't always as important and just setting the mental image of doubt. I did talk to the guy at merriil Lynch and he does remember the meeting and conversation about the insurance policy. However he was not able to give me my mom's social or a letter showing I am a beneficiary. That to me is rather odd. This whole legal topic is rather one sided and I'm curious how many people deal with this ? I don't think the laws are very fair, it appears by volume and weight but certainly not by context. It can't really be this hard to research or protect yourself. I have read the statues forward and back 10 times and I don't see anything that is written to put someone in check before probate not during. It's not during probate they have taken advantage, it's before anyone can question it and change it.
  2. I. Not trying to be an ass, really. I realize this is big money sometimes. But that's really a crappy way to put that. This gold digging b has even changed her name to my mom's to squeeze everything she can get. She has been practicing for this job her whole life. When you spend your whole life doing nothing but preparing your own future financially then it leaves the rest of us to find that loop hole when she screwed up. The insurance policy was taken out to cover all the taxes so that all our inheritance wasn't going to be eaten up in taxes. But the laws on inheritance taxes changed to 5 million. So that wasn't necessary. That's where the problem is . I saw the policy and knew what it was for, so did my older sister and knew what it was for, in fact the accountant for Merrill Lynch was made aware of it when we went to his office. Is that enough proof to bring it before the judge and ask where this policy is? My sister and I can not afford a lawyer to be at our disposal and paid for with our own money. The gold digger has all the lawyers at her disposal and we get to pay for it. There is something wrong with that . She has all the jewelry , we have none of it. She had me removed from my mom's house at 8 pm at night with a police escort, with no phone, no money, no car, no where to go because I questioned her about the bank accounts. I lived in this house with my mother for 8 years. She moved in and has moved in her 4 huge storage units of hoarder crap to the point you can't get in the door. She has wrecked my mom's Cadillac that now sits in the front yard because the garage is full of hoarder crap to the ceiling. She now travels back and forth between Denver and ft Lauderdale thinking she is my mother. She don't have to worry about her future she has already set herself up and hid it. The rest of it is just pocket change to her and she will let it get ate up in lawyers fees and investments and the jewelry isn't part of probate it was supposed to be split up. She won't let us have any of it. I realize to some of you we might sound a little wacky but wtf.. It's not wacky when it's your family doing it to you. I'm asking because if she gets away with it it's not what my mom wanted it's what my gold digging sister wanted . I have made it my personal mission to find the loop hole or mistake she made. Even she is human and human make mistakes.
  3. I just tried to order it. I must have proof I have a reason to request it or a letter from the insurance company or attorney stating I have a right to claim or that I have been named as beneficiary. I have no access to this either. Any other suggestion.
  4. Must have social security number . I do not have it either any suggestions for that or by passing that?
  5. My sister had my mom change her bank accounts to pod to her. This changes was made with no one's knowledge but hers. The amount in those accounts were in excess of 200 k dollars. There is also a life insurance policy for 1 million dollars that stated my sister as beneficiary. While my mom was still alive I asked her if we could go to Merrill Lynch to ask some questions that put up red flags, this being one of them. At the last minute my mom told my sister we we're going and showed up there. She is executor and trustee of my mom's estate. When I asked the accountant about this insurance policy he stated that he had no control of these funds because they were not part of the trust. I asked why was my sister the only beneficiary on the policy? My sister said " i.n order to write an insurance policy you must have a beneficiary. I was the one that went with her. It will be turned over to the trust when Mom dies, let's go to lunch. Well it never was turned over to the trust. I asked her about this policy when Mom died and she said there was no policy for a million dollars. Is there a way to find out about this policy and if in fact she did not turn it over. She will no longer speak to me or answer any communication from me. Is it not stated ithat a trustee is not allowed to receive or enter into any contract that would make her receive any gift or or a substantially greater benefit then the other beneficiaries? I think 1 1/4 million dollars certainly constitutes a larger financial gain. Especially when she is the only one who had the information to set this up without anyone being able to put her in check before my mom died. She also has all the jewelry in her control now and will not give any of it to any of us. It was not part of the probate. This is the worst nightmare. My mother would not have went through a the trouble to make a will and a trust splitting everything up equally even adding my dead sisters children to receive her part of the estate only to leave the gold digger keys to the jewelry store. My mother would not have done this unless my sister told her something different then the truth. And the life insurance policy no way would she have done this. She told me exactly what my sister said. I know my mom probably didn't understand most of what the trust said or what my sister set her up to sighn. She is very European and doesn't understand alot of the English translation of documents. I have tried to speak to the probate attached in Denver and in FLA with no avail they did I have to talk to her. I have tried to talk to the Merrill Lynch accountant he also said I have to talk to her. I can't answer any questions about the will or trust as I have never seen either. And she of course won't respond to me. I know I need a lawyer but I can't really afford one at the present. What can I do on my own to find out about this insurance policy?
  6. Thank you for the direction. I all do all of that.
  7. My ex and I have been separated for almost 3 years now. She lives in Missouri in my house and I live in Colorado because of work. We have no children and she hasn't worked for at least 7 years. I sent her money to keep up the mortgage for a while, only to find out she never made 1 house payment and is now delinquent of almost 3 years. She has purchased a new vehicle using my name and credit( just discovered from TU. last year she intercepted my w2s and filed my taxes and had the money direct deposited in her personal account and I never received half or even knew she had done it for quite a while. I let it go because she gave me the boohoo story that was $4800.00. But since that time her boyfriend has taken up residency in my house and now neither of them are making the payments( or she has forged my name off the house somehow). She has intercepted my w2s-again this year and filed them and had the money deposited in her account again and will not answer my calls. I was informed of this after calling every tax office in poplar bluff. Finally got someone at HR block who said that yes she did file them both years and had the money deposited in her account. I got a copy of the tax papers for both years totaling almost $9000.00. What recourse do I have and how do I go about it. I can't access my IRS account on line for some reason, I can't access my mortgage information on line for some reason. My house has been for sale for 2 years which she has removed the sign out front and canceled the real estate office. I'm out of my mind mad about now but want to handle this the right way but don't know the right steps to take..I would appreciate some direction. Thanks.
  8. Thank you for answering so quickly. I sent an e- mail to their corporate address explaining what I had been told by my mother. At 8:05 this morning the contractor was at my parents house eager as could be to return to them $4000.00. The neighbor of my parents is contacting Nevada state licensing board as he has heard about this company doing more then just this one time, and have changed their name at least 3 times since. I am in Colorado so it's hard for me to do anything but ask questions. Thank you for taking time to answer.
  9. On the 26 of march, a group of men stopped by my 89 yr old fathers and asked him If he would like his asphalt driveway sealed, he told them he could not afford it. He can't walk and they were remodeling the bathroom of their mobile home to accommodate his disability. They are both retired and on fixed income. One of the guys said to my father " how about we do this little section right in front of the garage so you can see how it looks". My father agreed to that. My mom had to leave for about 30 min. On her way out they told her to sign the warranty doc, she did and left. By the time she got back. The hole road was done and the owner of the company showed up and gave my dad a bill for 187775.00 and demanded a check. My dad wrote the check out of fear. They were never given an estimate or gave them a clearance to do the whole road. This took every dime they had saved for the bathroom and emergencies. I have not contacted this company yet. I need some advise as to what I need to ask them. The paper mom signed did not have any bill or cost on it when she signed it, my dad thought at the most it would be 2 or 3 thousand. I have checked with a couple of online quotes and low end for this job was between 150 and 300 high end is between 500 and 900. Can some one help me. Please
  10. My boyfriend works doing directional drilling. This job requires a lot of travel. Pay is generally set at Pay rate plus hotel plus per-diem. He was hired to come to Colorado, $1800. wk plus hotel. We got in late and the hotel didn't have a room reserved in his name so we paid the first night. The hotel kept screwing up and double billing our card and company card for room. We left that hotel and found a cheaper hotel closer to the job. Then 3 other employees also moved to the hotel we were at. The company was reimbursed for the hotel mistake made by the hotel however we were not. After 2 months at this hotel and turning in our hotel receipts in the amount of $4000 still owed us. The company decides they no longer want to pay for any more hotel bills so the only boss we have met, rented a house 40 miles away, and made it clear that we could move to the house or pay our own lodging and cut everyones pay $300. wk without asking or saying anything.. So we all didn't have any option but to go to the house, The superintendant, his wife, her mom, then his brother showed up, with 4 dogs, and another guy. they stayed about 3 weeks and left in the middle of the night and in a rush( not sure why). So its me, my boyfriend and the other guy still here trying to fix all the mess that super and his brother left. Day before yesterday the boss who's name is the only one on the lease came in our house while we were all at work. I knew this because some things were left for me in the closet upstairs was suddenly gone. I questioned the items and was told he only came in and got the mail and took the trash away from the garage. My stuff had all been gone through and the guy down stairs said his closet had been gone through also. Yesterday I stayed home. At about 2 pm my front door opens and some girl comes in and says she is the secretary and she was told to come clean our house. I was more then irritated and spent about half hour giving her the tour of the crap hole he rented for us and how many hours of cleaning and mouse hunting I have done, she was embarrassed and realized I wasn't happy and I had to leave to cool off. I called my boyfriend and he said he was about half hour away so I left before I blew up. It was maybe 20 min later when my boyfriend got home to find the boss and 2 of the owners of the company from India sitting in our living room and one of the guys in our bedroom looking around in our stuff, and the secretary walking right past him and got in her car and left. That was the minute we decided to leave the job and the house. My question is we have no where to go or a lease here or any contract. If we leave here with them owing us in excess of about $6000.00 now, we may not have any way to collect our money. If we refuse to leave until they pay us can they remove our stuff since we have nothing that says we should be here. Also is this a labor board issue or a lawyer issue in trying to get reimbursed and our final pay? sorry I couldn't be more brief and thank you for any opinion or help you can give us.
  11. Thank you, We have come to the conclusion that when you put that much of your life at someone else's discretion, you best make sure of what kind of people hold your cards. There decision to suck, wasn't because of anything we did. It was someone on the boards brother is now out of jail and He wants him far away from town and trouble and with a job. We just filled the space till he was free. But thank you very much that would have been helpful.
  12. My husband and i were hired as caretakers of a large amount of privately owned parcels of land. it is governed by a homeowners association and has a board of directors. This is in Colorado. We were hired last may. Our contract consisted of the duties of caretaker and the lease agreement for the house that is part of our pay, plus a monthly salary. We have never been given any written complaints or notification of any incompetence or wrongdoing. This morning at 10:00 the vice president and 2 other board members showed up at our house and told my husband that he either signed a letter to resign or he would be fired and we would have until noon today to be out of the house. He was so caught off guard by their approach that he didn't have time to think about what they were saying. They handed him a paper and told him to write on it that he was voluntarily resigning. And then handed him another paper that said we had 72 hrs to vacate the premises. When we were hired we moved here from another place giving up our house and jobs to move here with the intentions of remaining here for a long time. That is why they hired us. Today for no cause or written notice we are terminated without anywhere to go or any time to move or find a place to move. mind you this is 95 miles from civilization.I have been trying to contact a lawyer all day but no one is returning my calls on Saturday. On Monday morning I will contact a lawyer, but i believe this is why they chose Saturday morning at 10 am to show up, so we would not have time to get legal advice. Can they legally do this without giving us adequate time to relocate.
  13. I have a guy that has rented a room in my house for a year or so. As of now he owes me 2800.00 in back rent. I told him 2 months ago he had to move on the first. Well its now the 18th a month and a half later and I have not seen him or heard from him. I have to move his stuff out of here as my girlfriends daughter is coming to live with us on the 23. What is my legal obligation to remove his stuff? Can I put it in a storage and pay the rent on it for a month and get word through one of his friends as to where it is? I have moved his stuff out of the room and it is all in the middle of my living room now. he gave me a phone number that he never answers or returns my calls.I have no where to send a letter all i have is this number. There is no written rental agreement I let him stay here as he had no where else to go at the time.
  14. Thank you very much. That was kinda what I was thinking. [This post has been moved to the appropriate discussion - Moderator]
  15. I was returning a car to a dealership for a friend, I was in the car less then half hour. I was pulled over for speeding. my license was expired and something was wrong with the tags. I passed their road sobriety test and they gave me tickets for all the violations. They told me I could not drive the car so I would have to walk. i called the dealership to pick up the car as they were expecting it. I asked the officer if I could get my purse, he told me if I gave them permission to search the vehicle I could have my purse otherwise no. I had no reason not to let them search so I said yes. they found a bag of meth under the passenger seat. I was arrested for this. I understand how that part of the law reads. But it really wasn't mine. It was a dealership car i had only been in it from my friends house to where i got pulled over. If it was mine and i knew it was their i certainly wouldn't have given them permission to search. if it was mine and i knew it was there i wouldn't be posting this question. Do I have a leg or a defense to stand on or am i going to get this felony that wasn't mine.
  16. The landlord of my apt building is being charged with illegal drug possession and he thinks i was the one who turned him in. I was not aware of any of his personal or legal issues until I was subpoenaed to testify. In retaliation this landlord has given me notice to vacate. 3 days later while I was not home, the landlord entered my property and took my safe containing all my valuable signed baseball cards, jewelry, collector watches, all my cash. tools, welders, paint sprayers. valuable art work.ect ect. I called the police, he admitted to the police that he had taken it to hold for the rent that was 20 days late. The police told him to return all property by 6 PM the next day or be arrested. That was two weeks ago and the neighbors have told me he no longer has any of the stuff. I have been afraid to stay there due to his retaliation. it has only been two weeks. I went to the apartment a week ago to see what was still left there. My furniture, and kitchen stuff are still there. All my cloths and my roommates cloths and all personal items are gone. I went back day before yesterday and the locks have been changes I cant get in. All my money was in the safe, I have no money to get a lawyer or move, I have been on the couch with friends. Where do i start and there are so many issues to address can someone direct me as to what to do.
  17. that answered my question completely.thank you very much.. you probably saved me alot of money.
  18. I may have not asked the question clearly. He rents in the same house as I do so I know him. My concern is He cannot register the car in his name without a license correct? And he cant get registration without insurance correct? If his brother puts the car in his name, does the insurance not also have to be in his name also? By having the car registered in one name and just adding the car to his girlfriends insurance , not listing him as a driver on the policy. I do not know If I am putting my car at risk insurance wise in the event she lets him drive the car before he gets all his crap cleared up and is licensed and insured under his own policy. Even with the stipulation for notification to all parties you spoke of. I want to sell him the car but I also do not want to get caught up in a pile of legal BS over a technicality that I should have checked first.
  19. i am contemplating selling my car to a habitual traffic offender. he said that he needs proof of insurance and installation of a breathilizer in order to get his license back. he got someone to put him on her insurance for full coverage with me as the lien holder. my question is : will he be able to get his license and if not, will my car be covered in case of an accident?
  20. Colorado, after a case has been charged sentenced and closed for a year can they come back and charge you with drug racketeering on the same case? And you not be notified except they just issued a warrant and bond set at 1,500.oo.
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