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  1. I must say I sincerely appreciate the people that spoke to me as though I have a brain in my head, unlike the ones that were rude, obnoxious and obviously do not like money. Yes, as a matter of fact I did contact the Probate court and nothing has been filed for my Father. Thank You, I will check with Probate concerning Mother's Estate. More than likely my Father did not file anything, including estate taxes or anything else. The state is TENNESSEE, the city is Chattanooga. My Father's doctor told me that it was his opinion that he was "NOT of sane mind in 2003" when my Mother passed away. (I hope I am making sense, it's difficult to "write what you think") I have spoken with a friend from high school who happens to be an attorney and serves very often as magistrate in Chattanooga and is quite knowledgeable. She has advised me on several occasions, but as she said, "...as a friend, not as your attorney". Proving what personal property that was in the house at the time of either of my parents' death is impossible and I know that. The only things I can actually prove is the "real property" that my parents paid taxes on each year. As far as money and coins there has to be a "footprint" from the U.S. Mint to my Father every year, deposits from Social Security, Combustion Engineering (where my Father worked and retired) and other information at the banks. The safety deposit boxes were placed in my sister's name, once, maybe, one of them in my name, I believe. Other than this information, everything would be hard to prove. Unfortunately, I lost my inheritance to a very greedy sister. I do know that no matter what, anything I do will most likely be fairly costly for me. Right? Thank You to all the NICE People! You make me still want to be an attorney! Sincerely, Want2BAttorney
  2. We don't really need a laundry list of stuff the parents acquired, or your background. I have no way to know what you need but I thought it might be important to know that I AM NOT A GREEDY PERSON AND I thought you might need to know WHAT the estate included. I thought it might be important to know that it was NOT JUST A TOASTER! "I believe she got him declared incompetent with the "new" doctor." Not sure what you mean by "I believe". I said "I believe BECAUSE I HAVE NO WAY TO KNOW for sure what she did. They live 5-6 hours away from me and my sister excluded me from all information since my Mother died in 2003 and even more when she found out how much money was involved. OBVIOUSLY, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED EXCEPT SHE TOOK HIM TO A DOCTOR THAT DID NOT KNOW HIM OR HIS HISTORY OF HEART DISEASE. It's also unclear how your sister became the one in charge of your father's medical care, or why he'd go along with that, or why your mother and no one else would bother to intervene. ...[Message truncated]
  3. How can I prove "undue influence"? My parents were very financially well off. They spent the last 25-30 years collecting two of everything because they wanted two of "everything" they had for each of their two daughters, me and my sister. They had two houses, two pieces of land, two massive coin collections (mint & proof sets from 1955 to 2003), two vehicles, two bank accounts, two safety deposit boxes, (over $250,000.00 in cash), two sets of Japanese pearls, two "matching" diamond wedding rings with two gold bands and literally two of everything they could collect. In approximately 2008, my sister took my Father to a "new" doctor that did not know him or his medical history. I believe she got him declared incompetent with the "new" doctor. She went farther and did not tell the doctor that he was on the blood thinner, Coumadin, so he was never put back on it , which I believe eventually caused his death in September 2009 when he had a massive stroke and passed away in January 2010. February was the last time my sister spoke to me. She took everything. From researching court records, In 2006, she added herself in place of my Mother as co-owner on all of my parents properties, bank accounts, etc. She had full "power of attorney" for Daddy. In approximately November 2008 she had him placed in an assisted living home. In September 2010, she turned 41, she has never been married, never lived on her own, she has never held a job for any length of time, never paid a bill and my parents "took care of her". When Daddy lived in "his" house with her, he did any and all of the housework, dishes, laundry that was done, she never took care of him, he took care of her. My Aunt and I both have heard her verbally threaten him on various occasions. All my life, my parents always told us that "if anything happened to them", the two of us, my sister and I, were to divide EVERYTHING between us and they told us that was what was written in their wills. After Daddy died, I have not been contacted by any attorney. I have not even seen any legal papers or a will and I have not heard from my sister since approximately February 27, 2010. I am ex-military, I served 12 honorable years in the U.S. Navy. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 1997 and went to work for the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a Chemist in 1998. I do not need money or anything but I would like to see justice for the wrong that was done to my parents and for not abiding to their "last wishes". I have been told that there is nothing I can do but it never hurts to ask. There may be someone somewhere that knows different. I welcome any and all suggestions and comments. Deeply Hurt, Want2BAttorney
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