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  1. Can charges for labor violations be brought 5 years later? I was forced to work a 24 hour shift then told to work a 6 hour shift with only 1 1/2 in between. If I reported it now could the DA still bring charges against the company owner?
  2. What I just bought a 1 way ticket from California to Indiana for my nephew, and just insisted that his father buy the return ticket for him?
  3. Could I file a lawsuit against the company I worked for?
  4. So in 2014 I worked for Elders Journey of Bloomington as a home care CNA. The company would send me to the home of someone needing care. They sent me to a home of a patient whom had her guardian living with her. The guardian had a dig that peed and pooped inside all day. I would clean up after the guardian's dog while I was present in the home but no one cleaned up after the dog until I returned for my shift the next day. The dog had fleas I saw them on the dog. I got bit daily by the fleas, I complained to the guardian about being bit and her response was well dogs have fleas deal with it. I complained to the company I worked for about the unsanitary conditions and the fleas and they said to suck it up and do my best. After 1 month a flea bite got infected. It got worse and worse until I couldn't do the work at the patient's home. I went to the hospital got a diagnosis of a staph without a culture from the ER doc who saw me. He prescribed antibiotics and sent me home. I went to see my family physician 2 weeks later as a follow up from my ER visit. My doctor want to do a culture from the source of infection. She also informed me that I couldn't return to work until she was sure the infection wasn't MRSA. Fast forward 6 months and I'm still fighting this staph infection. I've changed home health companies but have to change antibiotics every 6 weeks. This went on for 2 years. I have pictures of how severe the injury was I have medical documents from my doctor and the ER doctor. Would I have a snowball's chance in hell of winning if I filed a lawsuit now?
  5. So I worked as a certified nurses aide for a company called elders journey in 2014. One of the first patients I cared for had a livein guardian in the home with her. The guardian had a little dog she would allow to poop and pee indoors all over the residence. I would clean up what I could while I was present in the home but after I'd leave the poop and pee by the dog continued. I'd never had a staph infection before this incident. I'd seen fleas in the home on multiple occasions as well. When I got the bite I told the guardian about it and she brushed it off as "well dogs have fleas." I went to the ER for the infection about 2 months after the initial bite as I feared I could lose my leg. I went to my family physician as a follow up two weeks later who ran a test on it and confirmed staph. I couldn't work until the test results returned negative for MRSA as I could put my patients at risk for getting the infection themselves.
  6. So my 15 year old nephew comes to stay with me every summer in In with his dad's permission. If I were to say not send him back to his dad in California what could I be charged with? What would his father's ( mom is out of country no communication for years) recourse be if I refused to send him back? Would the police arrest me here? I ask because I've reported abuse and neglect 3 times and the only thing done has been questions by cps.
  7. So I got a staph infection from a flea bite from a guardians dog. The dog urinated everywhere pooped everywhere. I would clean it up while I was there but the guardian wouldn't while I was gone. I informed the company they told me to suck it up and do my best. I had no insurance in 2014 so didn't go to a doctor until I was sure I could loose my leg. I have medical records and the company I worked for will have records as well. (So will medicare) this was a home health case so the work done, names addresses, possible incidents will all be noted. Can i still file a suite if this happened in 2014? Or is this useless?
  8. So my nephew is 15 living with his dad(mom has left the country no communication for 5 years)who has full physical and legal custody in CA. I live in IN. I know his dad is abusing him because I have seen it. 3 reports of abuse and neglect made to cps this past year and nothing but some questioning has been done. His dad collects gov assistance while his son stays with me every summer. I, my/brother's mother, his stepfather/my father and his son have all asked him to let my nephew move here. He refuses. If while on a trip out to Indiana(with dad's permission) I decided to not send him back to his father in California what would the fathers recourse be? What could I be charged with? If the father cannot come to indiana can they get the cops to force me to send him back?
  9. Child's mother has not been heard from or been able to be reached in 5 years. No attempts to contact child or his family. So mom is not in the picture.
  10. My nephew(age 14) is being abused and neglected in kings county California. I witnessed his father (My brother) smoking pot with his son and allowing his son to sleep in animal feces. He does meth (has tested positive for it in an unrelated charge) has become increasingly paranoid and erratic in behavior. He lives with his parents (my parents) Akira's grandmother denirs the abuse, as does the child. Akira (the child) will not admit to the abuse because he is afraid of being taken away. I have reported everything to CPS and other than 1 home visit (I was told by my nephew and mother) nothing has been done to protect Akira. I am posting under all possible categories on here in hopes of getting answers to what else I can do to.help my nephew. What can I do to get Akira help? Fyi I live in Indiana and witnessed this during my recent visit. I know physical abuse happens frequently as my brother told me he hits his son, and I have personally experienced my brother's unprovoked violence. How do I get my nephew to a safe place?
  11. Thank you for your answers. I appreciate it. And just an fyi, when in the mother and stepfathers care the "child" was used as a sitter several hours a day, and both the mother and stepfather were verbally abusive. I get that teenagers will lie to get thier way, but this has been going on for so long that she has realized that lying is not useful in this situation. CPS has been called repeatedly for various reasons due to the mother's misconduct (most of which I know are true) however the children still remain in her care.
  12. Mother and father have joint physical and legal custody. Child has made clear to mother that she only wishes to spend minimal time with mother and to only spend time with her 3 younger half-siblings. Mother has allowed child to live with father full time. By that I mean that mother has allowed the child to stay with the father on mother's time, the child has spent about 14 days with the child in the past six months. The mother's husband (childs step-father) has told the child that she is not allowed to spend time with her younger half-siblings because the child has chosen to spend the majority of her time with the father. The stepfather has made clear to child and father that his reason for this is because the child has technically moved out of the mother and stepfather's home. Until the child starts spending more time at their home she is not allowed to spend time with her younger siblings. The mother has agreed with the stepfather that the child cannot see her siblings until she "moves back in." Can they do this legally? Where indiana child custody requires that parents encourage and if necessary force all siblings involved to spend time together. So which is more important? Indiana state custody requirements or a parent's wishes? Child is now 17 and siblings are 8, 3, and 5 months.
  13. Okay IN custody agreement between mother and father states that the mom carry health insurance on the child and that mom claims kid on taxes on even year and dad claims her on odd years. Once the child turns 18, if it is not stated in the agreement (signed by a judge) that the agreement goes past age 18, does it matter which parent claims the child on taxes? That is if the child doesn't claim themselves. And does the mother have to continue to carry health insurance on the child after the child turns 18?
  14. Paternity of children (4) is established. A notarized divorce settlement has been signed by both husband and wife. This settlement paper has NOT been signed by a judge. In the notarized divorce settlement it is stated that the mother shall retain primary custody of the children. The mother has recently moved from California (children's state of residence) to Indiana to look for a suitable environment to raise her children. The children were left temporarily in the care of their father. Question: If the mother filed for full physical custody of her children in the state of Indiana, what state would the case take place in and would any of the other state's laws on family law apply? Thank you
  15. In: There is joint physical and legal custody between a mother and father. Stated in cust. agreement that extra carricular expenses for the child be paid by BOTH parents. Father paid for an instrument rental (on promise from mother that she would pay half) for the child. If he wanted the mother to pay him for her half of the expense would he have to go back to family court, or could he file his case in small claims court? Thank you.
  16. IN: If a parent of a minor wanted to get money owed them by the other parent would the case have to be filed in family court or small claims court? Joint physical and legal cust of child and cust. agreement states all extracarricular expenses are to be divided between both parents. The expence is school related. Thank you.
  17. The legal issue is how would the child's parents' responses (IE the mother's lack of response positive or negative to it vs. the father's reasonable response) to the child's long-term poor academics reflect on them if one filed a change in legal or physical custody? For example if the father has the child do manual labor as a consequence for bad grades, and the mother does nothing, and the father filed for full physical custody, does is reflect badly on the mother's lack of rewards or punishments for grades? Would this help or hinder the father's case for full physical custody? Thank you.
  18. Lawrence county, Indiana: Joint legal and physical custody of a 15 year old minor. Bio mother is about to have her 3rd child, 15 year old minor's grades have been mid to low level for 3 years now. Mother in the past was extreme in her punishments for grades and everything else, while father was more reasonable. Now mother has made a total turn around and will not do anything to aide minor in bringing thier grades up, while father still tries. How would it reflect upon both parents if the minor were to repeat a grade level?
  19. IN: If a parent refused to take a child to a dr when the child was sick and the parent told the child that they weren't sick, even with a 102 degree fever staring them in the face, and this happened 2 yr ago could it and the following scenarios still be legitimate grounds for the other bio parent to retain full physical and legal custody of the child? Child was taken to the dr by other bio parent day after, diagnosed with infection and given antibiotics, which the bio parent whom claimed child wasn't sick decided to give child while child was in thier care. Or how about using a flyswatter (paddle removed) to hit the child repeatedly, on more than 1 occasion, 5 years prior to custody battle, is that legitimate basis for abuse? Or making the child eat soap or hot sauce as punishment, is that abuse? What about allowing the child to stay home from school when the child is not sick (claiming tiredness or menstral cramps) while thier academics are in the toilet, is that neglect? Thank you
  20. Thank you for your prompt and detailed response. Just so we're clear, my dr couldn't testify to anything that I told him during our sessions but he could refute any allegations that I'm a danger to myself or others? Thank you
  21. IN. My husband is about to file for full physical custody of my step-daughter. While I doubt that she has told her biomom that I have been seeing a counselor at the same center my stepdaughter has been going to, I still wanted to know the answer to this question all the same. Can my records from the center be used against my husband in court? In other words could a judge(or someone else in a court office) request copies of my psych records and actually get them and use the info in them against us? (I only say "us"because my stepdaughter will be living with me as well and if I am deemed unstable that may hurt my husband's case) Thank you.
  22. IN: Joint custody order signed by both parents in January of 2011. Without extenuating circumstances, can one parent file for a change in it if it has been in place for less than one year or must they wait for the anniversary date that the order was put in place? Father and child both want the father to have full physical custody (child will be 15 in March next year) can the change be made after less than a year of the order being in place?
  23. IN: New statute passed that says in a nut shell if one parent willfully denies the other parenting time with the child and they have documents that state the parent is to have said parenting time, parent denying time goes directly to jail charged with a class C or B misdemeanor (depending on other factors). Situation: Father (joint custody) had birthday recently, parenting guidlines for IN state that parent with a birthday on a weekend that is not their weekend to have child, gets to have the child for 12 hours the day of thier bday. Mother is recorded telling father she will not give father bday parenting time, father went to mother's residence, mother denied him parenting time, (I witnessed whe whole even including, the mother raising her fist to strike father without physical provocation from father when her husband stopped her) father was about to call police, when mother brought the child out to talk the father out of calling the police. Father (for the sake of the child's wish not to see mother taken away by police) agreed not to call police and allow child to stay with the mother. Will his decision in this situation help or hinder his case for full custody of his 14 yr old child who will state they wish to live with the father? Thank you.
  24. IN: Situation, mother before 01/10/2010 had full physical and legal custody of teenage daughter (no other reason other than when the custody order was put in place the father was joining the military). Joint physical and legal custody agreement was signed on stated date. As of 08/14/2010 teenager is unhappy with arrangement and wishes to live with the father full time. Does the father have to wait until the current custody order has been in place for a full year before filing for full custody? He is aware that he must wait a year for the current custody order to be in place before filing for a change in child support (currently no one pays it) but does that rule apply for a change in physical custody as well? Thank you!
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