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  1. Information on what a cestui que vie trust is
  2. yes, we have twins that were born in may of 1997. And yes I need to move on but as you said I not clear as to how to handle this.And I have talked to a few lawyers here in Ga. they all advised me that i MUST get a divorce.
  3. by the man that was suppose to be my husband .Yet, now he feels that we were never married.So ,he no longer feels committed to the marriage.As his ex-wife and others have told him our marriage was invalid.
  4. do you need a business lncenses in Ga to sell dogs on the side of road ?
  5. Yes, am the woman .And I was told that my marriage was not legal.So I wanted to find out if it was true or not.
  6. thank you you have been very helpful .
  7. the man's divorce became final about a month after they were married.They lived n ga and still do.She took his name, her children have his name.They were married n Lake City ,Fla. but have always resided in Ga.
  8. Okay you said its possible they could have a common law marriage.So how do they find if they are married and does a judge have to make that judgement call and how who they go about finding that out?
  9. A woman & man marry.the man s divorce is in the process when they get married.from his first marrage.but its not final when they get married.the couple stay together 10 years have two childern live and address each other as hudband and wife.the woman takes the man s name.they live in ga.Is their marrage legal or not they were married in1994
  10. I have twin boys that will be 15 in May.I have a case with Ga.child support enforcement that I opened about a year ago.When I requested their help in collecting child support they will only collect support from the date I opened the case .My question is can I hire an attorney myself and will I be able to sue my ex for child support from the day the twins were born.Until now or when support was started with the enforcement agency, country
  11. I live in Valdosta,Ga. and Bum rushed means that they speed up on you and jump asking them who they were as if they were committing a crime.The uncover agents are looking for some other people that I tried to help,but they will not help themselves so I asked them to stop coming to my house and to stop calling me.I told the officers this also yet,they continue to watch my house and are harassing us as if we are braking the law.I just want to be left alone. [Please try to post replies in your original discussion. This post has been moved to the appropriate discussion -Moderator]
  12. the local law enforcement has been looking for these people that I know.I allowed them to come into my home and property ,to see that these people were not there.I told them that I had run these people off and told them to not come back.After a few days my older child was brought home from work by his cousin and the undercover officers bum rushed these boys {in their 20"s} when that pulled in the yard.Is this legal and what can I do to stop them from harassing us.We have not done anything illegal.
  13. no. I wasn't aware that he was still married to his first wife until after we were married.He told me that they were divorced.
  14. ok if then my marriage is not legal and now I've changed my name what do I do to return to my maiden name and what do I have to do to have him charged with bigiemy.And where do I find a lawyer that will take such a case.
  15. I was marryed in may 1993 at the time of our marriage he was still married to hie first wife, we remained together until a few years ago. we have been living apart since. My question is am I legally married to this man,or not. I was aware that he wasn't divorced after we married,Yet chose to stay with him.The papers had been filed just not final at the time of our marriage.So what does the Ga. state laws say concerning this issue.
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