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  1. Thank you for the response, adjusterjack. I called the magistrate court and she cleared up what the summons is about. I thought the paperwork I received from the lawyers office (the plaintiff) after I did not appear or answer was the default judgment. She said this would be where the plaintiff shows their proof of the debt and I could dispute the amount. If I don't show up, the plaintiff would be awarded the default judgment. As I said before, I know I owe this credit card debt but am just unable to pay. Would it make any difference if I showed up to this proceeding given I don't have any evidence to give and am unable to pay it? Only asking because that would mean missing work. I don't get any paid days off. My assets don't come close to being worth those exemption amounts. If not for the kindness of my brother, I would be homeless. As for my bank account, my paycheck is direct deposited every week. I did read what is on the link you provided and it does say future earnings are exempt. Those are the only deposits made to my checking account. My company no longer issues paper checks. It would take 3 weeks to switch to a debit card my company offers. I was wondering about something...when I accrued this debt, I lived in a neighboring county. I informed the process server when I received the paperwork. (I was living with my now deceased mother and went back to help go through her belongings, that's why I was there when the process server arrived.) That is the county they filed in, not my current county. Would that make a difference? Just curious about that since I read something about it. Again, thank you for responding. The information you shared has been helpful.
  2. I was sued for a credit card debt. I did not attend the hearing because I had to work. They were awarded a default judgment just under $2000. Today, I received a magistrate summons to appear for a bench trial on April 9th. I'm concerned about wage or bank garnishment or them taking my vehicle and need advice on what I should do, if anything. I own an older car (that isn't running right now but should be in the next week.) The value of it is listed as about $1500. It is my only way to get to work. (There is no public transportation where I live and car services would take almost half my earnings.) I own no other property. Is there anything I can/should do? What should I expect to happen at the trial and after? I know this debt is valid and wanted to pay them. I was out of work on FMLA for 6 months last year and could not pay my debts. Once I got back to work, I just couldn't catch up fast enough and pushed this debt aside while paying rent and other living expenses. I know I'm wrong for not paying it and am hoping I won't lose my vehicle or get my bank account frozen. I would appreciate any advice or information anyone can share with me. Thank you
  3. I was convicted (pleaded guilty) in South Carolina of 3424-BREACH OF TRUST W/FRAUD INTENT (embezzlement amount >$10,000) I was sentenced to 5 years probation and ordered to pay restitution. I wasn't aware that the monthly payment I was given would only amount to 80% of the total owed the victim so I had a balance left once I completed my probation. (It was shortened by 4 months due to compliance credits I was given.) I am now on Administrative monitoring until the balance is paid in full. I don't do drugs, have never done drugs, no intention of ever doing them and my conviction had nothing to do with them but I am thinking of renting a room from someone who smokes marijuana. It would be done in his room exclusively, not the room that I will be renting, but I wonder if this would affect me in any way legally if something were to happen that causes the police to come to the house and find it there. No probation agents will come to the house from my end as I have completed my 5 years and am not technically on probation anymore but I don't want to get into a situation where this persons drugs would cause me to go to jail or something. I know I was very fortunate to avoid jail for my crime and did everything I had to do the past 5 years to comply with the conditions of my probation. Is this something that could affect me and the administrative monitoring? Thank you for any assistance.
  4. I live in South Carolina. I am trying to find out if there are any laws/regulations for therapists to keep records of visits. I was a patient of a Licensed Professional Counselor for many years and recently applied for public assistance. They require medical records but this therapist says there are no records to give. The office is now closed but aren't they supposed to keep records? If so, for how long? Thanks for any assistance.
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