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  1. Yes, thank you, I did resolve this. I took pictures of both vehicles and went to court prepared to defend myself. The city attorney dismissed the ticket due to the photographic evidence. There was no possible way that my vehicle could have caused the damage to the plaintiffs vehicle.
  2. I live in Texas and my wife and I have been separated for nearly 5 years. I have filed for divorce but she made things difficult to the point that I didn't bother because for all intents and purposes we were divorced. We have both had other live in arrangements with other people during this time. I recently went to jail for two weeks - a completely unrelated matter - and she broke into my apartment and took everything that belonged to me and my girlfriend as well as 3 automobiles that were purchased two years after we separated. She then sold all 3 vehicles saying that she was my wife and had the right to do that. Is that legally correct? I need to go to the police but would like to know what my rights are prior to making that visit.
  3. Sorry, I didn't realize that I hadn't mentioned either of those in the original post. Arlington, Texas. Gated apartment complex. Cited for reckless damage or destruction of property - a $252 ticket
  4. The emergency brake on my car did not hold and rolled into the back of another parked car in my apartment complex parking lot. The owner of the other vehicle is claiming damage to her vehicle and 2 days after the accident called the police and, without talking to me, issued a ticket which they left on the windshield of my vehicle. (The ticket was issued at 12:30 in the morning.) My question is this...can the police issue a ticket for destruction of private property when the accident occurred on private property? And without getting my side of the story?? The other party is harrassing me and I am growing tired of this whole mess.
  5. I live in Oxnard, California - Ventura county. I am in the Navy and returned from a tour in Afghanistan in mid August 2010. While deployed a friend and I decided that we would seek off base housing and become room mates upon return to the states. We began searching for a house or duplex on Craigslist and found one that seemed like it would be suitable so we contacted the owner and began the process of securing the residence. We sent the $2800 deposit and the rent for July and August, although we did not move in until late August to secure the residence. Since we were out of the country, the landlord told us we could wait to sign the actual lease until we returned to Oxnard. The owner doesn't live in California, but in Eugene, Or. Long story short, we have never seen the landlord face to face nor have we ever signed or received any form of a lease agreement. I have been unfortunate enough to have lost the roommate and when I informed the landlord of this she said I could pay September rent in installments, which I have been doing. I received an eviction notice via document courier (not a constable) on Wednesday of this week and the landlord began harrassing me about the unpaid rent and also called my commander and now I am in trouble with the Navy as well. I have upwards of 100 emails back and forth with the landlord covering a variety of subjects, including no lease, the house being infested with black mold, the electrical wiring being bad, etc. What are my rights and duties under the law as far as moving out, etc. I can't imagine not getting my $2800 deposit back but she says she doesn't have to, and won't, be returning it to us. Please help!!!
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