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  1. The jurisdiction is Riverside Co., Ca. DOD: 1/29/2009-my mother. My brother is the trustee and beneficiary and there are two other beneficiaries, myself and my other brother. My mother had a Trust, but 13 days before she passed (after 1 1/2 years of fighting cancer at 85 yrs od), ammended and completely restated her trust. We (the beneficiaries) never received a "Notice to Beneficiaries", or were provided with a copy of her trust, or an accounting. We received nothing. After contacting an attorney to request an accounting and "Notice to Beneficiaries" from my TTEE brother in November of 2009. The accounting we received was unacceptable. He hired an attorney that has paid 15K from the Family Trust. Now, the final distribution (minus 50K for "potential claims I have asserted") and accounting (which again is not acceptable) have been received. We have been advised if the Settlement and Release, plus "Appointment of Successor Trustee" (one designated by him) are not signed and returned in 16 days, the 50K will be retained for 3 years and "we" will be compelled to file a petition with the Court, the cost borne by our trusts. I do not have the money for legal counsel. Olamay
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