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  1. I have a writ of garnishment that a debt collector, forwarded to my employer. I however do not meet minimum withholding (fed.law), since it is only a part time occupation, my employer answered the writ with that explanation. Now the debt collector has forwarded (answer interrogatories) to my employer for bank account information and routing numbers if my pay is direct deposit (which it is). Does my employer have to answer the interrogatories??? It is not issued by a judge and only signed by an attorney representing the debt collector. Note a judgment was issued for a dollar figure however after making payments I fell behind and the debt collector would not lower my monthly payments and is choosing to be aggressive in the aforementioned tactics. TY
  2. Does State/Federal Law prevent a spouse/ex-spouse, to allocate survivor benefits from the Social Security Admin., towards other family members if it is instructed in a Will. Example if ex-spouse was to receive 3000.00 a month from a SS Survivor Benefit (in the death of a former spouse), could a Will be written to allocate to (3) surviving children instead. TY
  3. I have been job seeking for fulltime position back in my formative career of quality/design/engineering for the automotive sector. I have removed all chronological dates from my resume (advice from a recruiter). About two weeks ago a contract firm called me and arranged an interview at a large automotive parts (oem) supplier for a quality control analyst. The interview was conducted by a firm from Mexico (the supplier), the contractor was an American Company (whom I would actually be employed by) they arranged the interview but were not present. The Mexican parts needed to be monitored entering this plant, after they were trucked up north from the Mexican factory. Narrative, during the interview which went very well the young man (graduated from university 2012) by some language difficulties, came right out and asked my age (I am 56, with slight graying hair), I however did comply and he was well aware of my technical knowhow to actually do the work. The contract firm did tx me afterwards and simply asked how it went, I tx'd them back and said that the interview went well and I could almost do the work with my eyes closed based on my level of skill/knowhow/experience. Now two weeks has gone by and nothing. I am aware of age bias today especially in the corporate world, my question is this, if a Mexican National asks for my age during the interview is that alright being that the actual hiring firm was not there, but I am pretty sure contact was made between those two parties. I have been to several interviews these past three months and at no time was age brought up, even though it is highly evident I am a mature middle-aged male. Thanks for any thoughts regarding this.
  4. Is the first step in the process to file a police report???? I am a homeowner that had a legal homeowners insurance policy that funded a claim to make in excess of 30K repairs to my home for a mold remediation issue. The contractor was given access to 100% of the insurance claim proceeds to address and fix the house (up to a livable standard for occupancy). He began some of the work but never finished the job and proceeded to drain the escrow account of all the claim monies. This entire process is now several years old, the contractor has been contacted to either return the $$$ or complete the work to no avail. Where does a person turn in a situation such as this, the contractor has not completely run and hid from this but obviously knows how to scam customers out of monies. Is the insurance company or homeowner the responsible party to go after this scammer. Thank you, state is Michigan, Oakland County.
  5. Any merit in filing a small claims lawsuit against my exwife for not helping to pay for our children's college expenses. I have paid huge sums for child-support, and now that is over all children are enrolled in universities. The costs of post secondary education is very high and (2) children are at times stuck financially to proceed to get 4yr degrees, I (father) continue to help 100% in most cases when I can. The childrens mother (biological) simply refuses knowing well that it is another method to financial constrain me, and create a further financial strain even though decree states nothing after high school graduation. Is there a precedent to sue a biological parent for the 50% difference for loans etc. to educate their children after High School. With both parents employed, yet divorced living apart, can a suit of this nature succeed based on one parent assuming 100% costs vs. the other parent 0%, for post secondary education. Both parents are 100% behind education, so that our children get degrees to successfully enter a career that will pay well and become independent on their own. Thank you for any replies.
  6. Does this constitute a defamation case ????? TY
  7. Everything here occured september 12 the day I subbed. The report was made by somebody at the school I subbed. I was locked into subbing both days 12th 13th thru a web site where you either accept/reject the assignment. They called me and cancelled the 13th over the phone. It all went down hill after that with a negative report of conduct / performance etc etc. it was egregious and scathing in nature. I only spent 11am - 330 pm as a sub and had never been to that school ever. What is completely baffling is that the severity of the report stated in writing I am excluded from ever subbing at that school district. The report is entirely false and fabricated as it is written.
  8. On Thursday AM I received an email (from my employer company 'a') informing me of a school district exclusion due to a negative report filed on me. This web site is used by my employer and school districts that contract with it. A report of any kind is visible to two parties (my company i work for) and the school districts that have a contract to fill vacancies (teacher assistants, subs, and parapros). Administrators at any school district I am approved for can see/read this report. It was sent to my email first then I logged into the web site and saw it again (email/pin required). I simply cannot fathom the damage this has caused me. I was targeted in a vicious way and it is 100% false and fabricated. I am sure that this was intentional due to the way the entire system is setup. My name SS# is all registered in this database and all school districts with admin codes/pswd can access fully.
  9. I am a substitute teacher paraprofessional working/paid thru company 'a', company 'a' is hired by school districts throughout our state to fill vacancies as needed for school districts and place teachers (subs) in a robo-call / web system on a as needed basis. I am approved for many school districts. One in particular called me for a two day vacancy Tue/Wed 11am - 330pm, I accepted and was at the school for my 1st day of subbing. This is a special needs school with disabled/autistic children elementary thru HS/adult ages. I signed in and was given the room number to attend (I did and was assisted by 3 other teachers and a nurse for disabled children requiring [medical special needs], I am not trained for medical needs and was told to assist with wheeling children to different activities). Everything went very well and students were well cared for without any incidents, then taken to bus pickup at the end of the day. Within 15 minutes on my way home I received a call that the next day Wed. my sub assignment will be cancelled which I did not question. On Thursday 2 days after this assignment I received thru my employers (company a), website a egregious/scathing report on my 4 hour assignment at a school I had never been to before, of conduct of disrespect and falsehoods that I was not compassionate and insensitive to students/co-workers/ and otherwise a terrible person. And to make a final impact I was banned from that school district of ever subbing there again. I have been with company 'a' for nearly a year and have subbed another school district at least 20times for never a hint of anything of this magnitude. Everything is on hold at this point with my employer and trying to determine if the report was intended for a different employee, but the damage is done and now I am thinking of going to an attorney for damages by that school district for falsehoods and potential of ruining my sub teaching career. At no time was I under the impression that anything was wrong for those 4 hours and I was of utmost professional and conducted myself as I always due with students/colleagues/school staff etc etc. It is as if I was a target (maybe for company 'a'), and that the school district came at me full bore with a mission to inflict serious damage, all falsehoods and can be proven as falsehoods as the school has survellience video everywhere. This incident has is so severe in nature that the report filed is so egregious in nature towards me that I believe fully I was targeted even though I never met anyone at that school before. Thanks for listening.
  10. I have a home that a township here in Michigan refuses to allow me to qualify for the HomeStead tax credit on my tax filing return for 2015. This is my primary and only home in my name, I however am having it renovated and do not reside there during this project (I am staying in my parents vacation home during this long-running construction/renovation project, to avoid all the commotion and breathing in construction dust, etc. etc.) The township (tax specialist) refuses to accept this fact, is this legal ??? I have used the tax credit in the past but since the renovation began (my guess is that my neighbors have told the Tax assessor that I don not reside there). It is still my legal home though just undergoing a large-scale project. Is there a precedent for not allowing this in state of Michigan, thank you for your reply.
  11. Yes I have posted here before and value the responses. Some areas of my parents assets were already before Probate ( I was the one that initiated the action ), I also had counsel present. The Judge did see areas of conflict and Ordered payments to heirs in a Brokerage account that the POA then assigned herself JTWROS, (that was settled), my parents home was sold but those proceeds (poured over into a Trust), Court assigned a neutral Trustee (a bank), that was paid out to heirs per the Trust, (and that was settled). During my surviving parent life (in assisted living facility), the POA conducted an estate sale and sold all tangible assets (personal property) accumulation of a 50yr marriage, and also found large sums of hidden cash. The surviving parent never even new this happened, POA took it upon oneself to liquidate everything, the only thing I ever heard was that the (monies) was secured in a safe at the POA's home. Now what ??? that POA had the found cash along with proceeds of the estate sale(s), how do the named beneficiaries recover that ?? (t's into the ten's of thousands of dollars). TY,also posting here has proven very valuable, and others must find my story potentially compelling/and similar.
  12. I am in Michigan, this question is for a timetable of approx. last 7 years. If a beneficiary (myself) named in a Last Will that wishes to attempt and collect tangible assets that were either sold/taken by another beneficiary (POA at the time), should I (a) open a Probate ( I am the name PR in the Will), or should I ( file a Lawsuit and sue the former POA. POA was authorized 2008 over my parents, both my parents have passed away (09 then 2014), all debts have been paid by the former POA, however this former POA has concealed assets and will not respond to distribute to the heirs named in the Will. I have sporadic data from my parents that anywhere from 25k to 100k was taken by the former POA, now that POA has ended, how would a beneficiary recover what's due them. All 4 named beneficiaries (surviving children are named with equal distribution). Two distributions have taken place to date, Trust funds handled by a Court appointed Trustee, and a Court Order from Probate on the POA to distribute monies in a Brokerage that the POA named herself JWROS. Where do I turn now to get the remainder of assets held by the former POA. TY for your reply and listening.
  13. Yes and thank-you, POA is understood. OK as an executor the Court can compel anyone to turn over vital records/statements/etc., however this can be long/arduous , it is a Civil matter right, the non-moving party can always play with the process, are Probate Laws stronger when it comes to other Civil matters?? The people I have been dealing with, have absolutely no fear/or repercussions to a Civil Contempt charge, they are absolutely defiant.
  14. This has been ongoing now for years (in one County say#1), the Probate can be opened now (in an adjacent County #2 where deceased lived). Herein lies the problem, an accounting has taken place by Court Order in County (1), for a pour over provision into a Trust and eventual distribution per Order. Opening Probate in County (2) is now needed due to heirs (POA's) concealing assets. They (former POA's) know what there doing and know the costs and can drag this on for additional years. The POA's intentionally moved the Grantor into another County during final years in a different Assisted Living Apt., where he passed away. Probate Judge in County #1, did realize a jurisdiction dilemma but literally did nothing, other than to say it has become 'a jurisdiction issue'. Former POA's know how to play the game, and I know for a fact are concealing many thousands of $$$$$, will a Probate Court here in Michigan enforce a full disclosure/accounting, first County Probate #1 did absolutely nothing towards this dilemma.
  15. In Michigan does the Probate Court have powers to get heirs to factually provide information. Example: If a sibling was POA for an extended time handling all financial matters of now deceased Father. My attorney recently asked if the Estate has gone to Probate (I replied no), reason being is former POA's claim no assets remain to probate, this is clearly a verbal statement. The POA's did have access to numerous accounts (Banks, Brokerage, etc.), they claim after all expenses paid ZERO $$$, remain. If I open Probate to close the Estate, does Michigan have laws for former POA's to cough up the facts of all assets of the Grantor. This has been already drawn out and close to war with siblings, but 4 surviving heirs, and as of right now the 2 former POA's could have concealed a lot with the claim over and over again of we don't have any $$$ to distribute. There is a Will and I was named the PR in the Will. Thanks for your reply.
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